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A-1 Logs Its 3,000th Vehicle Conversion

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Milestone Vehicle Is a CNG Shuttle for Sun Metro,
It’s Part of a 25-Unit Order via National Bus Sales

A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems has just completed its 3,000th vehicle conversion. “Not many folks out there can display those types of numbers, and we think that really shows the depth of experience we have as an upfitter,” A-1 sales and business development manager Will Gutilla told F&F. updated May 12

'A proud moment for our company,' says A-1 chief Mark Gilio.

‘A proud moment for our company,’ says A-1 chief Mark Gilio.

The 3,000th A-1 vehicle is a CNG-fueled, Ford E-450 cutaway chassis shuttle bus for Sun Metro with 6.8-liter engine and five Type III fuel cylinders.

A-1 works with numerous gaseous fuel system and fuel tank suppliers, Gutilla says, noting that approximately 70% of its business is CNG, and 30% propane autogas.

The 3,000th Was Done in Indiana

“This is definitely a proud moment for our company, as we are also preparing to hand out 20-year service awards to several of our employees who have been with us since the beginning,” said A-1 chief Mark Gilio.

“That’s who this is really all about,” he said – “these guys who have dedicated so much of their time and energy in making our operation a success.”

The 3,000th A-1 bus for Sun Metro is part of a 25-unit order placed via the Justin, Texas branch of Georgia-based National Bus Sales. A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems is based in Fresno, Calif. The vehicle was completed at the firm’s new facility in Elkhart, Ind. (F&F, September 13).

The 3,000th A-1 bus is part of a 25-unit order placed via the Justin, Texas branch of Georgia-based National Bus Sales.

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Source: A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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