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NCWM on DGE Added to ACT Expo

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Special Monday Afternoon Session on Diesel Gallon Equivalent

Organizers of this week’s ACT Expo conference have added a special Monday afternoon session on the pending National Conference on Weights and Measures vote on a formal diesel gallon equivalent. NGVAmerica and ANGA, America’s Natural Gas Alliance, will give briefings on the DGE issue.

NGV advocates want to make this easy price comparison possible for diesel as well as gasoline.

NGV advocates want to make this easy price comparison possible for diesel as well as gasoline.

An official GGE – gasoline gallon equivalent – has existed since 1994. It has allowed consumers to easily compare the prices of compressed natural gas and gasoline. A DGE would allow heavy vehicle operators to compare the price of liquefied natural gas (or CNG) to diesel’s.

Potential Obstacles Remain

Critical voting is scheduled for NCWM’s annual meeting July 13-17 in Detroit. Before then, however, deliberations at the Northeastern Weights and Measures Association meeting this week and at the Central Weights and Measures Association later in the month could affect the outcome July (F&F, April 26).

An officially sanctioned DGE as now proposed by NCWM “would create a transparent and easily understandable measurement for consumers to make simple and accurate comparisons between vehicle fuels and could support market growth,” NGVAmerica and ANGA explain through ACT Expo organizer Gladstein, Neandross & Associates.

NGV Advocates Urged to Help

“While this is good news, some NCWM state officials support a scenario in which natural gas would be sold and dispensed in kilograms, eliminating the GGE standard and any DGE option,” states the summary.

“NGVAmerica and ANGA are requesting natural gas vehicles industry stakeholder participation in this important issue. This session will educate members of the NGV industry so they can better understand the issues, potential impacts, and opportunities to take action on this decision.”

Presenters will cover

  • the details behind the NCWM proposal, process and important vote taking place this July;
  • the potential real-world fleet and market impacts to your business, whether you are a fleet looking to use natural gas or an industry supplier looking to grow the market for NGVs; and
  • what you can do to get involved in this debate

Attendance at this session is free to ACT Expo attendees and the general public. Pre-registration is requested.

The Northeastern Weights and Measures meeting is being held May 5–8 in Manchester, N.H. and the Central Weights and Measures meeting exactly two weeks later, May 19–22 in St. Louis. NGVAmerica is urging members to attend if they can, and to communicate with undecided officials.

ACT Expo – North America’s largest clean vehicles event – takes place May 5-8 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif. It is co-located with NGV Global 2014, the world natural gas vehicles meeting.

The special ACT Expo session takes place on Monday, May 5 from 3:45-4:45pm.

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Source: Gladstein, Neandross & Associates with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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