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Luxfer G-Stor Go Type IVs for Trilogy

November 18, 2014 in CNG, Fleet Order, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

26-Inch Tanks Are Significantly Lighter, Manufacturer Says,
A Selling Point for Trilogy’s Western Dairy Transport Project

Luxfer Gas Cylinders is promoting the use of its new G-Stor Go brand Type IV compressed natural gas cylinders for fuel system assemblies by Trilogy Engineered Solutions for Western Dairy Transport trucks. The big attraction of the 26-inch-diameter tanks? Reduced weight.

‘The weight savings was a huge game-changer,’ said WDT president and CEO David Shelton.

‘The weight savings was a huge game-changer,’ said WDT president and CEO David Shelton.

“Switching to Luxfer’s new cylinders resulted in a 13% to 18% weight savings over Type IV cylinders Trilogy previously used,” Trilogy VP and CFO Matt Lawrence says in a Luxfer release. “We were specifically looking to reduce the overall weight of our systems, and Luxfer has helped us do that.”

Lawrence said too that the Luxfer cylinders yielded a 4% to 5% performance increase in terms of diesel gallon equivalents. Trilogy bought 20 systems with capacity for 120 DGEs, he says, noting that the previous capacity was 112 DGE.


Trilogy wanted a strong, long-lasting cylinder, Luxfer says. “Heavy-duty trucks have a lifespan on the road of up to 10 years,” Lawrence said. “That’s why Trilogy builds a robust back-of-the-cab system with a rigid steel frame that can endure such long life on the road. The durable Luxfer cylinders we selected have a 20-year life.”

For the Western Dairy systems, Trilogy is using boss-mounted Luxfer cylinders in lengths of 60 inches and 90 inches, Luxfer says. Three of the carbon fiber-wrapped tanks are installed on each truck.

“The weight savings was a huge game-changer for us,” Western Dairy president and CEO David Shelton says in the Luxfer release.

‘We Also Like the Green Image’

Western Dairy has a fleet of more than 1,000 heavy-duty trucks traveling about 115 million miles per year, and as such, Luxfer says, is the largest transporter of milk and dairy products in the U.S. with customers in Mexico as well.

CNG provides a monthly fuel savings of about $1,000 per truck compared to the cost of diesel, Shelton said.

“In addition to the savings, we also like the green image of using cleaner-burning fuel,” he said, adding that cooperation between his firm and environmentally conscious dairy shippers has helped motivate the move to CNG.

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Source: Luxfer Gas Cylinders with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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