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APG Reports IUL Approvals from EPA

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V5000 Dual Fuel for ‘Larger Fleets Operating Newer Engines’

American Power Group reports the first U.S. EPA approvals of IUL/intermediate useful life engines, a “breakthrough” the company says provides “access to the medium to large fleet owners who operate 300-plus vehicles and keep their trucks four to five years.”

APG reports U.S. EPA approval of its V5000 turbocharged natural gas-diesel dual fuel system for 28 IUL engine families.

APG reports U.S. EPA approval of its V5000 turbocharged natural gas-diesel dual fuel system for 28 IUL engine families.

The IUL approvals cover 28 Volvo and Mack engines families, APG says: D12, D13, E7, MP8 11.9L to 12.8L from 2004 to 2012. They are the first to allow APG’s V5000 dual fuel turbocharged natural gas system to be applied to engines with SCR/selective catalytic reduction, the company says.

“The magnitude and strategic importance of this first series of IUL approvals marks another important milestone,” APG president and CEO Lyle Jensen said in a release.

‘600,000 to 700,000 Class 8 Trucks’

“Obtaining IUL approval is critical,” Jensen said, to reach a wider market of larger national and regional fleet operators. “We estimate another 600,000 to 700,000 Class 8 trucks fall into the IUL designation,” he said.

“New Class 8 vehicles typically operate with OEM certified engines that are one model year older than the chassis,” he explained. “Therefore, with additional planned IUL approvals in calendar 2015, we will be able to sell APG’s dual fuel system to owners of 2014 tractors with IUL approved 2013 model year engines.

Texas Eligibility and New Funding Too

“This will provide customers the ability to install and realize our dual fuel benefits one year earlier than previously thought and improve the total cost of ownership by one year which is important for the larger fleets who keep their tractors for four to five years.”

The 28 new IUL approvals are in addition to APG’s 456 EPA approvals already received for outside useful life engines. The OUL approvals cover “six of the top seven OEM engine platforms for model years from 2009 to the mid 1990’s,” APG says.

Also in recent weeks, APG reported its eligibility for funding under the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s TERP/Texas Emissions Reduction Program, and a new $2 million investment in the company.

The firm also outlined a new strategic plan for 2015

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Source: American Power Group with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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