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Gaz Métro & ANGI for Quebec BioNGVs

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Compost Collection Supports Saint-Hyacinth Fleet Vehicles

Canada’s Gaz Métro utility and the compressed natural gas infrastructure provider ANGI Energi have played key roles in the commitment by the Quebec town of Saint-Hyacinthe to run fleet vehicles on biomethane-based CNG.

NGVs fueling with CNG in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

NGVs fueling with CNG in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Saint-Hyacinthe is Gaz Métro’s “first client municipality to have selected natural gas to fuel its municipal vehicles,” the utility says, commending the city for using anaerobic digestion to make biogas for vehicles and for heating, with the surplus going to the Gaz Métro grid.

“Brown bin” collection of organic material from 23 municipalities supports the Saint-Hyacinthe fleet.

‘Intelligent and Systematic Recovery of Organic Materials’

“Gaz Métro is proud to use its gas network for this promising project, to allow all its clients to take advantage of locally produced renewable natural gas,” development and renewable energies VP Martin Imbleau said in a release. “Choosing this energy to fuel vehicles is another step toward the intelligent and systematic recovery of organic materials in Québec, by creating an infinitely renewable cycle.

“We hope that this project will inspire many other municipalities to follow suit.”

Fueling dispenser by ANGI in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Fueling dispenser by ANGI in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

ANGI, says senior sales support specialist Guy Couturier, “is providing a complete fueling solution” to Saint-Hyacinthe. Equipment includes a single NG50 compressor, motor starter panel, dryer, valve panel, storage and a fast fill dispenser. “The installation also has 12 dual-hose hose post assemblies for time fill application,” Couturier says.

A Second ANGI Compressor Is Planned

“Future expansion will include adding one additional NG50 compressor and up to 24 additional dual-hose hose post assemblies for time-fill application.”

The City of St-Hyacinthe in Quebec, Canada is converting organic waste into natural gas using ANGI Energy Systems CNG fueling solutions to power CNG vehicles and heat city buildings

Saint-Hyacinthe is “taking the lead in renewable bioenergy creating a circular economy and becoming the first Quebec town to transform organic waste into energy,” ANGI says.

The total cost of the project amounts to more than $48 million, Gaz Métro says, “a sum provided in equal parts by the city and subsidies from the federal and provincial governments.”

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Source: Gaz Métro and ANGI Energy with Fleets & Fuels follow-up



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