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Gaz Métro & Fluxys for CNG & LNG

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Quebec Utility and Belgium Gas Specialist Pool Expertise,
Say They May Co-Invest ‘As Interesting Projects Take Shape’

The Quebec utility Gaz Métro and Brussels-based Fluxys, an independent gas infrastructure group, have agreed to pool their expertise and stimulate liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas markets for the transportation sector and for industrial use.

Gaz Métro provides LNG fuel for Transport Robert's pioneering fleet of natural gas tractors in Quebec.

Gaz Métro provides LNG fuel for Transport Robert’s pioneering fleet of natural gas tractors in Quebec.

“The agreement will pave the way for an exchange of information and expertise related to LNG and CNG, particularly on the technical, commercial, contractual, regulatory, fiscal and administrative fronts,” states a joint release. The firms “have also agreed to explore co-investment opportunities as interesting projects take shape.”

The announcement cites environmental challenges and ambitious goals for cutting greenhouse gas emissions in both Québec and in Europe. “Natural gas provides concrete solutions to those challenges,” the organizations say.

Gaz Métro LNG operation

Gaz Métro LNG operation

Adding LNG Capacity in Montreal

Gaz Métro said in September that will triple the production capability at its natural gas liquefaction plant in Montreal to 9 billion cubic feet per year at a cost of $118 million, with $50 million from the province of Quebec. Completion is slated for June 2016.

“Québec is positioning itself as a destination of choice for investors seeking to capitalize on the development opportunities,” Québec Minister of the Economy, Innovation and Exports Jacques Daoust said in the Fluxys announcement.

“In Europe, natural gas is a sustainable alternative to traditional fuels for cars, trucks and ships, and the market holds significant growth potential,” said Fluxys managing director Walter Peeraer. “Gaz Métro is the ideal partner for sharing know-how and expertise on putting in place the refueling infrastructure required to give this new market a real boost.”

‘An Affordable Energy Mix for Tomorrow’s Low-Carbon Economy’

“Fluxys is convinced that gas and gas infrastructure will continue to feature as core components of an affordable energy mix for tomorrow’s low-carbon economy,” states Wednesday’s release with Gaz Métro.

The F.A. Gauthier, an LNG-fueled ferry launched earlier this year in Italy for service with STQ, the Société des traversiers du Québec

The F.A. Gauthier, an LNG-fueled ferry launched earlier this year in Italy for service with STQ, the Société des traversiers du Québec

Gaz Métro supplies LNG for more than 100 tractors operated by Transport Robert and other firms in Quebec, is expected to supply new ferries operating there as well, as is involved in an LNG locomotive project with Westport and CN, the Canadian National Railway.

Gaz Métro is also involved with biomethane/renewable CNG for NGVs (F&F, December 2).

Fluxys is active in eight countries, and “seeks to foster the integration of the European gas market through the development of a cross-border infrastructure backbone linking gas sources to markets, bridging the markets and gas trading places, and providing security of supply.”

The firm recently a fueling depot for LNG trucks operated by Mattheeuws Eric Transport in Veurne, in West Flanders, is a key player in Belgium’s Zeebrugge seaport project for providing LNG to marine vessels, and is participating in numerous pipeline projects in Europe.

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Source: Gaz Métro and Fluxys with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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