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Mobile CNG for the New York City Area

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First MFS Galileo Transport/Dispensing Unit
Slated to Begin Operations in Coming Weeks:
‘You Need to Get the Fuel to Where the Fleet Is’

New York’s Mobile Fuel Solutions is preparing to deploy the first of at least two “virtual pipeline” compressed natural gas transportation and dispensing units from Argentina’s Galileo. MFS sees the equipment as helping spread the use of natural gas vehicles as it will allow fleets to switch to the clean fuel without investing in costly, difficult-to-permit CNG fueling stations.

Mobile Fueling Solutions has taken delivery of the first of at least two Galileo “virtual pipeline” units.

Mobile Fueling Solutions has taken delivery of the first of at least two Galileo “virtual pipeline” units.

“What we want to do is wrap the virtual pipeline around the existing infrastructure,” says Dean Sloane, CEO at MFS. “You need to get the fuel to where the fleet is,” he told F&F, “not have the fleet come to you.”

The first of the Galileo units “will be operational in early February,” Sloane says. It’s a trailer with two “pods,” each packed with horizontal CNG cylinders. The VTS-2 trailer has two pods, one with 39 cylinders capable of delivering 418 gasoline gallon equivalents of CNG, and the second with 28 cylinders, capable of delivering 297 GGE, for a total of more than 700 deliverable-at-3,600-psi GGEs per load.

Redundancy, Flexibility

MFSA plans to deploy a second VTS-2 unit late in the first quarter and sees the potential for larger ones, possible with two or even four pods, in future. MFS expects to be able to leave a pod or a multi-pod trailer in place for CNG fueling according to customer needs: “Pods can be rotated and refilled as needed and creating a bridge to a future permanent station with minimum capital requirement,” the company says.

Virtual pipeline equipment for leaving CNG pods onsite .. images courtesy Galileo Technologies

Virtual pipeline equipment allows CNG pods to be left at customer or ‘daughter’ fueling station sites .. images courtesy Galileo Technologies

Sloane cites beer delivery trucks as initial mobile CNG users, and says organizations including Waste Management and the New York City Department of Sanitation are interested too. The system gives the comfort of redundancy, allows CNG fueling where there are no gas pipelines, and allows existing stations to serve multiple locations in “mother-daughter” arrangements.

CNG at Orangetown In Summer 2015

MFS has agreements with Trillium CNG to fill its mobile units at stations on Long Island, Sloane says, and is building a CNG facility in Orangetown, N.Y., north of New York City, with start-up expected in July, using a Galileo “Gigabox” compression system. The Orangetown station will be able to pump 3 million to 5 million GGE per year, Sloane says.

City Council approval was secured last month, and approval of CNG deliveries by the New York City Fire Department is pending.

Sloane notes that the virtual pipeline concept is not new, and that equipment has been at work for Galileo in South America for more than a decade. He promoted the idea at the North American NGV show in Atlanta last year (F&F, November 13, 2013), and again at Kansas City this past November.

MFS sister company Clean Vehicle Solutions offers NGV conversions.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels interview with Mobile Fueling Solutions

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