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PG&E Support for CNG: 16,000 NGVs

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Utility Says Its CNG Offset 3 Million Gallons of Gasoline in 2014

Compressed natural gas supplied through two dozen public access fueling outlets “helped California drivers swap 3 million gallons of gasoline for cleaner natural gas in 2014,” the San Francisco-based Pacific Gas & Electric utility said last week.

A dedicated-CNG van operated by AT&T in San Francisco

A dedicated-CNG van operated by AT&T in San Francisco

The PG&E network of 24 stations is spread across 70,000 square miles of northern California, the company says. The stations support more than 16,000 natural gas vehicles:

  • 2,000 buses and garbage trucks;
  • 7,600 vans and work trucks; and
  • 6,400 passenger vehicles.

PG&E’s NGV customer base includes passenger cars and trucks owned by individual customers, taxi cabs, local community transportation system buses, school buses, city and county car and truck fleets.

PG&E Fuels Its Own, Too

“Our program gives customers the ability to take some of the largest polluters off the road, replacing them with cleaner natural gas alternatives,” PG&E gas operations executive VP Nick Stavropoulos says in a company release.

PG&E itself operates more than 700 CNG-fueled passenger cars and construction trucks.

The utility also uses the CNG stations to fill tube trailers used to deliver gas to maintain supply during the course of pipeline repair and upgrade work.

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Source: PG&E with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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