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PSI Promotes eCNG Roadside Unit

January 19, 2015 in CNG, New Products, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

New Product Is Effectively a Jerry Can for NGVs

San Francisco’s PSI Technologies is promoting its new eCNG unit as an emergency compressed natural gas cylinder/fueling kit for roadside assistance. PSI is using lightweight carbon fiber-on-aluminum CNG cylinders from Worthington, Parker Hannifin valves and hoses, and NGV-2 connectors from OPW for the fuel transfers.

PSI Technologies' eCNG – a 'jerry can' for NGVs

PSI Technologies’ eCNG – a ‘jerry can’ for NGVs

According to PSI principal Prescott Stone, “The ‘system’ consists of two nozzles at either end of a 6-foot hose. One nozzle can be attached to the receptacle on the eCNG package and the other hose/nozzle end connects to the NGV.”

In addition to the OPW nozzles, the eCNG package consists of

  • a single Type III Worthington CNG cylinder with capacity for about .75 diesel gallon equivalents;
  • an NGV-2 receptacle for filling the eCNG unit at CNG fueling stations;
  • a system of valves and hoses from Parker to control flow and allow for venting;
  • a pressure gauge;
  • a PRD/pressure relief device;
  • a carrying case (by Pelican) to both protect the package and store the equipment;
  • an operations manual; and
  • requisite DoT hazardous materials markings.

Fueling is accomplished via a “cascade method,” Stone says: high pressure from the eCNG package provides flow to the low pressure of the empty NGV tank, with no additional compression or pressure boost needed.

Tare weight is 46.5 pounds and the eCNG unit weighs 50.4 pounds full.

‘A Modest Supply of Fuel’

“The goal,” he says, “is to provide a modest supply of fuel to an empty vehicle so that NGV can make the trip to a full service fueling station without being towed.”

The eCNG package can be completely vented, if necessary, for maintenance, repair and service. The cylinder requires inspection every five years, which can be performed by PSI or any other approved hydrostatic testing facility.

Stone notes that the product is “ideal” for CNG taxi fleets, and that he’s developing leasing options to reduce up-front costs.

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Source: PSI Technologies with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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