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Parker Veriflo New Products for NGVs

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Equipment for the Vehicles Themselves, and for Fueling Them

Parker Hannifin’s Veriflo Division promoted several natural gas vehicle-enabling products at ACT Expo 2015 in Dallas.

Parker Veriflo’s XF70 fast-fill commercial and fleet dispenser. Note TF25 time-fill posts at rear.

Parker Veriflo’s XF70 fast-fill commercial and fleet dispenser. Note TF25 time-fill posts at rear.

For NGVs, Parker showed the FM80 fuel regulation module. “The breakthrough,” Parker says, “is the use of a robust piston design with best-in-class flow regulation, [and] incorporation of a high-flow shutoff valve and a large high-flow filter.”

Parker Veriflo’s FM80 integrated fuel regulation module

Parker Veriflo’s FM80 integrated fuel regulation module

“Most current gas handling systems are typically comprised of a rubber-like diaphragm regulator, filter, sensors and solenoid plumbed together with a multitude of fittings,” Parker says.


‘One Compact Body’

“Unlike current systems, Parker’s FM80 features an advanced FM80 metal piston-style regulator, coalescent filters, pressure sensors, a lock-off solenoid valve, heat exchanger, and low-pressure relief valve, all in one compact body.”

Heat exchange technology offers “stellar” extreme weather performance, while the FM80’s anodized aluminum design isolates gas and coolant.

For NGV fueling, the Parker XF70 fast-fill commercial and fleet dispenser has been designed as the industry’s first NFPA 52 and CSA NGV fully-compliant solution for large fleets, the manufacturer says. The XF70 is the CNG fleet fueling industry’s “first internet-enabled CNG dispenser, using IoT smart technology to manage fueling strategies and maintenance [with] plug-and-play remote diagnostics and maintenance.”


The XF70 features best-in-class, certified Parker components, an ANSI NGV 4.1/CSA 12.5 compliant design, and ANSI/NGV 4.2/CSA 2.52 certified hoses. “All the components work together to ensure faster fueling, exceptional durability, uncompromised safety, minimal downtime, and consistent, reliable service,” the company says.

The XF70 is aimed at private industrial, commercial, and fleet customers, Parker adds, operating such CNG vehicles “as county vehicles, taxis, delivery and day cab trucks, cement trucks, school and transit buses, and waste refuse/recycling vehicles.”

Parker’s companion TF25 time-fill posts were designed for waste truck fleets.

Parker CNG hose with PTS tag

Parker CNG hose with PTS tag

The XF70 dispenser has NCWM/National Conference on Weights and Measures certification. CSA certification is pending.

Asset Integrity

Parker’s hose products unit promoted its PTS – the Parker Tracking System – described as an asset integrity management tool for parts replacement, applicable to both vehicle and fueling station components.

PTS, Parker says, “is a component-tagging and tracking solution that eliminates the need to wait for removal before a new part can be manufactured or ordered. By reducing transaction time, users can realize significant gains in productivity and increases in valuable uptime.”

The next ACT Expo has been scheduled for May 2-5, 2016 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif.

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Source: Parker Hannifin Corp and Fleets & Fuels at ACT Expo 21015 in Dallas

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