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CNG Source Support for NatGas Mexico

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Multi-Location Management, Equipment Reading, Control Capabilities
As CNG Source Moves to ‘Grow Its Influence Throughout the Americas’

Indianapolis-based CNG Source has disclosed a full-service agreement with Mexico’s NatGas – CNG Source will assist with deployment of a monitoring and control system for managing multiple compressed natural gas fueling locations with extended equipment reading and control capabilities.

NatGas CNG station in Quer

NatGas CNG outlet in Querétaro, Mexico

“The company will also implement intelligent priority panels, custom NatGas dispensers and storage systems, as well as complete compression solutions,” states a release, “for upgrading actual stations and for deploying the upcoming ones.”

“The agreement allows CNG Source to grow its influence throughout the Americas,” the announcement says. “Expansion beyond U.S. borders has been one of CNG Source’s primary goals for 2015.”

NatGas is a leading CNG station operator, CNG Source says, “serving a diversity of fleets and vehicles.” NatGas is headquartered in Querétaro, north of Mexico City (F&F, March 2).

CNG Source unveiled its new line of Triumph fast-fill dispensers this past April.

CNG Source unveiled its new line of Triumph fast-fill dispensers this past April.

‘More Than Just Buying Machines’

“This is a company with knowledge, talent and solid experience,” CNG Source president Doug Lubs says in his company’s announcement. “They expect above-average thinking and superior engineering, and we will certainly not miss the chance to exceed their expectations.”

“NatGas continuously pushes for improvements in safety, efficiency, low operating cost and simplicity,” NatGas chief Josué Hernandez says in the CNG Source release.

“It takes more than just buying machines for operating a large scale CNG operation efficiently and profitably,” Hernandez said. “We found in CNG Source the right tools for elevating our operating model and planning our stations deployment more efficiently.”

New Triumph Dispenser from CNG Source

CNG Source offerings range from time-fill posts and CNG dispensers to complete fueling solutions. The company earlier this year launched a new line of fast-fill CNG dispensers tradenamed “Triumph.”

Triumph features include tank-sense technology, remote status and configuration, upgrade potential with different levels of add/on features, ultra-high flow and a ten-inch display for data including gallons dispensed, pressure at the hose and fill percentage. The dispenser is National Conference on Weights and Measures/TEP-certified and ANSI NGV 4.1-compliant, with UL certification pending, CNG Source says, adding “the Triumph dispenser is aimed at the top end of the market.”

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Source: CNG Source with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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