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Greenkraft for CNG NiteHawk Sweeper

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Isuzu-Chassis Vehicle Outfitted with Quantum Tanks

Southern California’s Greenkraft says it’s modified a NiteHawk street sweeper to run on compressed natural gas. The vehicle will be put to work in San Diego, says Greenkraft VP Frank Ziegler.

Greenkraft has modified a NiteHawk sweeper truck to run on CNG.

Greenkraft has modified a NiteHawk sweeper truck to run on CNG.

The Isuzu-chassis truck has a U.S. EPA- and California-certified 6.0-liter dedicated-CNG engine. It has 60 GGE/gasoline gallon equivalents of CNG storage in two cabin-mounted Type IV fuel tanks. For this specific build, CNG tanks were supplied by Quantum, Ziegler told F&F.

Two-Side Steering

The sweeper is “unique,” Greenkraft says, in that its has steering on both sides.

The truck was designed by NiteHawk. Greenkraft manufactured the alternative fuel system and installed it.

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Source: Greenkraft with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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