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TruStar Opens in Tulsa and in Liberal

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TruStar-Branded Station in Oklahoma & for CNG Energy in Kansas

Busy TruStar Energy has opened two new compressed natural gas fueling outlets: a TruStar branded public access station in Tulsa and a station for CNG Energy in Liberal, Kansas.

TruStar Energy station for CNG Energy in Liberal, Kansas, just north of the Oklahoma line.

TruStar Energy station for CNG Energy in Liberal, Kansas, just north of the Oklahoma line.

“Fueling infrastructure remains a challenge to wider adoption of CNG in the trucking industry – and we are in business to change that,” TruStar president Adam Comora said in a release.

“We have embarked on a strategy to open dozens of company-branded public CNG stations along high-traffic U.S. corridors over the next several years,” he said.

The First Was in Florida

The station in southeast Tulsa was preceded just last month by a TruStar-branded CNG outlet in Orlando (F&F, July 21).

The new Tulsa station has two traffic lanes and two fast-fill fueling pumps, “providing easy access for commercial vehicles and private CNG-powered consumer vehicles,” TruStar says. Natural gas is supplied by Apache Corp. TruStar accepts such commercial fuel cards as Comdata or Fuelman, as well as all major credit cards.

‘Price Stability’

TruStar says it was contracted to build the CNG Energy station in Kansas earlier this year (F&F, March 18) to help meet the growing need for CNG fuel for fleets operating out of Liberal, the surrounding Southwest Kansas area and Oklahoma Panhandle. TruStar says it “then worked with Black Hills Energy to make the station a reality.”

“Two things that we immediately appreciated with natural gas was the cost per MCF and its price stability over time,” CNG Energy managing member Rocky Ormiston says in today’s TruStar release. “You can do a lot of projections as far as budgeting is concerned without the threat of price spikes.

One of 12 new CNG-fueled Kenworth tractors operated by CNG Energy.

One of 12 CNG-fueled Kenworth tractors operated by CNG Energy.

“We’re also using a domestic fuel source instead of something coming in on a tanker from overseas.”

Public Access Is Better

“Our first thought was to develop a private station to support our transport operation,” Ormiston said. “But we realized that other fleets would just go somewhere else – when we had the capacity to provide fuel to them. We felt that it was important to provide the public with a place to fuel as well.”

Ormiston said the station will be open 24/7 and accepts most major credit cards as well as commercial fleet fueling cards.

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Source: TruStar Energy with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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