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Atlas Copco’ s BBR for Zero Leakage

September 21, 2015 in CNG, NGVAmerica 2015 Denver, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

BBR Compressors Promoted at NGVAmerica Show in Denver

Atlas Copco promoted its air-cooled, high-pressure BBR/FBR reciprocating CNG compressors at NGVAmerica’s 2015 North American Natural Gas Vehicle Conference & Expo in Denver last week, emphasizing a pressurized crankcase design that slashes methane loss.

Atlas Copco Intermech BBR compressor on show in Denver last week.

Atlas Copco-Intermech BBR compressor on show in Denver last week.

Compressed gas losses that can amount to as much as 6% of processed product are eliminated, the company says: “The payback on account of this can recover the complete cost of the compressor in a few months,” the company says.

So-called “fugitive” methane emissions are of increasing concern to greenhouse gas policymakers.

‘Single-Stop Solution’

The direct drive design of the Intermech compressor reduces transmission losses, the manufacturer adds, while a highly efficient block “and generously sized piping and heat exchangers reduce pressure drop bringing down the power costs and operating expenses.” A PLC/programmable logic controller-based system monitors overall system performance.

The Atlas Copco-Intermech compressors can be motor- or gas engine-driven. The product represents “a single-stop solution” for NGV station owners, the company says.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels with NGVAmerica in Denver

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