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Luxfer for McNeilus Refuse Trucks

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Manufacturer Commits to Luxfer’s Type III and Type IV CNG Tanks

McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing said Wednesday that it’s committed to using Luxfer G-Stor Go Type IV and G-Stor Pro Type III compressed natural gas carbon composite fuel cylinders “exclusively” on its NGen Tailgate refuse trucks.

McNeilus NGen Tailgate: the CNG tanks are in the rear, reducing vehicle height.

McNeilus NGen Tailgate: the CNG tanks are in the rear, reducing vehicle height.

The McNeilus NGen Tailgate trucks have rear-mounted CNG tanks allowing for a lower vehicle profile.

The design “offers another lightweight option for refuse vehicles looking to utilize CNG for reducing fuel costs,” Grant Wildgrube, senior project engineer at McNeilus, said in a release. “It offers weight savings from the cylinders, and is easier to use and access.”

Fewer Parts, Fewer Connections

The NGen Tailgate system is available in 60-, 75-, 90- and 105-DGE (diesel gallon equivalent) capacities. It features a streamlined design with 50% fewer fitting connections and 25% fewer plumbing components.

A single compact package

A single compact package

“Two to four Luxfer cylinders are placed at the rear-end of the truck instead of on top, which reduces the overall height of the vehicle, eliminates the risk of tree branch or bridge impact to the system and offsets the weight of the front axle,” McNeilus says. A PRD/pressure-relief device system “spans the full length of the cylinders and provides continuous heat protection.”

Luxfer Said ‘Open to Co-Development’

The trucks also feature “McNeilus Strike Protection,” described as a sturdy steel covering shielding the CNG components. It also includes a unique pivoting structure that allows cylinders to be easily shifted, permitting more thorough inspections.

The 60-DGE model uses two 22-by-86-inch G-Stor Go tanks. Capacity can be increased up to 105-DGE – “ideal when refuse collection routes change by season.” McNeilus says it chose Luxfer cylinders because of the full range of sizes and significant weight savings.

“We like working with Luxfer because they’re open to co-development and always pursuing the next step in innovation,” Wildgrube said.

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Source: McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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