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Carnot Consortium for CNG Compressor

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Has Been Awarded a $150,000 NSF Small Business Grant, Too

Southern California’s Carnot Compression is gathering momentum, entering into a consortium with Oregon’s Northwest Natural Gas to help commercialize its “isothermal micro-bubble” technology for compressed natural gas – and winning a $150,000 Phase 1 grant via the National Science Foundation’s SBIR/small business innovation research program.

Carnot Compression says it's built 'designed and built a unique centrifugal compressor utilizing the weight of water to compress gas with a proprietary impeller.'

Carnot Compression says it’s built ‘designed and built a unique centrifugal compressor utilizing the weight of water to compress gas with a proprietary impeller.’

Carnot’s proprietary technology uses the weight of a working liquid in a centrifugal (g-force) environment to produce CNG. “The Carnot Compressor will be designed to approach isothermal or constant temperature compression,” the company says, “and is projected to cut the energy utilized for compression by 30% or more over conventional technology.”

Carnot says it will engineer, design and manufacture a prototype CNG fueling unit in the home vehicle refueling appliance/VRA in collaboration with NW Natural and the consortium (which also includes Canada’s FortsBC.

‘Dry and Pure’

“Carnot’s system is designed to deliver dry and pure output gas, superior reliability, and scalability within a relatively small footprint,” Carnot CEO Todd Thompson said in release. The partners aim to validate system performance for Carnot’s patent-pending technology in a real-world setting.

Empirical data will be collected and verified by the University of Portland and George Fox universities under a separate grant.

‘Could Lower the Infrastructure Costs for Vehicle Refueling’

The consortium approach allows companies of varied sizes to take part in bringing a new technology to drive CNG refueling infrastructure, Carnot says. “This path could lower the infrastructure costs for vehicle refueling while increasing reliability, and that could drive greater adoption of natural gas as a transportation fuel,” said Chris Galati, CNG program manager at NW Natural.

The SBIR money from NSF grant, said Carnot CEO Thompson, “will greatly accelerate our path to commercialization.” And, “the support has also enabled us to strengthen our team through the addition of Chris Finley, VP engineering and principal investigator for the project.”

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Source: Fuelpoint CNG Innovations with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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