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Bauer Launching a Quiet Compressor

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The C23 M-Series Q – Just 65 Decibels

Bauer Compressors is taking the occasion of next week’s 2016 Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo to introduce a new quiet CNG compressor, the C23 M-Series Q. The unit is “Whisper Quiet,” Bauer says – emitting just 65 decibels.

The innards and outside of Bauer’s new C23 M Series Q.

The innards and outside of Bauer’s new C23 M Series Q.

ACT Expo 2016 runs May 2-5 at Southern California’s Long Beach Convention Center.

The new M-Series units feature Bauer’s high inlet-pressure compressor driven by a 50-horsepower motor. A new-design cabinet with improved sound insulation makes the M-Series Q “perfect for the smaller station installed in or around densely populated areas where low noise and visual appeal is of the utmost importance,” Bauer says.

Small Fleets, Large Fleets

Bauer offers a family of six compressed natural gas solutions ranging from 7.5-horsepower units which deliver 9 standard cubic feet per minute (4.5 gasoline gallon equivalents per hour) for small fleets, up to 350-horsepower packages delivering 875 scfm – 438 GGE per hour – for large fleets and public stations.

Bauer also offers equipment for LNG/liquefied natural gas boil-off recovery.

Bauer is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

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Source: Bauer Compressors with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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