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CNG & LNG Tanks Next Week in Brussels

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Emphasis Is on Cost and Weight Reduction of Fuel Storage Containers,
Agenda Covers Full Range of Natural Gas Transportation Applications

Clean Fuels Consulting remains on track to host its CNG Cylinders & LNG Tanks: Opportunities, Challenges & Innovations workshop at the Hotel Le Chatelain in Brussels April 13-14.

The CFC meeting in Brussels in April on onboard natural gas storage will address all manner of natural gas 'vehicles,' up to and including ships.

The CFC meeting on onboard natural gas storage in Brussels April 13-14 will address all manner of natural gas ‘vehicles,’ up to and including ships.

The agenda for next week’s meeting includes compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas storage equipment for all transportation sectors, emphasizing the natural gas vehicles industry’s challenges of cost and weight.

“Since the added expense of NGVs directly relates to the cost of the fuel storage systems, the focus on CNG cylinders and LNG tanks must be on cost and weight reduction while improving the fuel capacity on the vehicle,” says CFC principal Jeff Seisler.

Dr. Jeffrey Seisler

Dr. Jeffrey Seisler

‘Paradox and Challenge’

“This is the paradox and challenge that will be addressed in this workshop,” Seisler says.

“The goal is to leave the workshop with a firm idea of the current issues and solutions for CNG and LNG fuel storage and about and future prospects and opportunities to improve upon today’s technologies, for road and marine vehicles,” he adds.

‘Understanding the State-of-the-Art’

“This includes understanding the state-of-the art technologies, the regulatory and safety issues facing CNG and LNG fuel storage systems (vehicle and mobile systems), and the innovations that will add a new dimension to NGVs into the future.”

“Manufacturers of NGV trucks and ships, equipment suppliers, particularly of cylinders and tanks, NGV stakeholders, policy makers, government regulators, safety specialists, and NGV fleet operators all have something to gain and to bring to this workshop as participants and to take away with them from the expert speakers and panelists who will be grappling with the challenging fuel storage issues facing the NGV industry.

‘Ample Time for Discussion’ and an Evening Reception

“Ample time for discussion between the panelists and participants will be provided during the panel sessions, intermissions between panels, and at an evening cocktail reception.  Leading vehicle manufacturers and international NGV experts will be available to share their experience and knowledge, as well as NGV users who bring to the event their practical experiences dealing on a daily basis with NGV operations.

The mid-month meeting is the seventh in CFC’s Critical Issues Workshop series.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders is the principal sponsor.

Regarding Brussels…

Seisler has advised clients and conference participants, “Despite the attacks in Brussels on the 22nd March, business and personal life in Brussels is returning to normal. The CNG Cylinder and LNG Tank Workorkshop hosted by Clean Fuels Consulting will take place as planned.

“The airport has reopened and provisions are being made to ensure the safety and efficiency of travel for the flying public. Likewise, trains, trams and much of the metro are operating.

“We must continue to move forward, otherwise the bad guys win. That cannot be allowed to happen.”

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Source: Clean Fuels Consulting with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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