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Freedom CNG Opens in Midland, Texas

April 14, 2016 in CNG, Infrastructure by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

‘Eight CNG-Powered Trucks Can Fill Up at Our New Station Simultaneously’

Freedom CNG has opened a new fueling outlet in the Permian Basin in Texas, noting that the facility immediately off Interstate 20 is “capable of sending CNG-powered truckers west to El Paso or east to Dallas.” The station’s fill rate of 12 gallons per minute “far exceeds other compressed natural gas fueling stations in the market,” the company says.

Freedom CNG’s new Permian Basin fueling outlet is east of the airport off Interstate 20 in Midland, Texas.

Freedom CNG’s new Permian Basin fueling outlet is east of the airport off Interstate 20 in Midland, Texas.

The new ANGI-packaged, public-access Freedom CNG location is east of the Midland Airport between Midland and Odessa.

“Eight CNG-powered trucks can fill up at our new station simultaneously, without waiting in line, in as little as eight minutes compared to fueling times of over 30 minutes at other stations,” Freedom CNG president Bill Winters said in a release.

An Acre for Turning

“That’s a big difference to a trucker who is trying to maximize the number of loads he can haul per day,” he said. The station includes approximately one acre of paved turning space to accommodate the largest trucks.

Texas-based Freedom CNG operates three fueling stations in Houston including its newest north Houston station which also fuels a new fleet of 50 CNG transit buses (F&F, January 26, 2016).

‘Rapid and Hassle-Free Fueling’

“As additional public-access compressed natural gas fueling stations open across Texas, fleet operators will be more likely to consider cleaner burning CNG to fuel their fleets,” Winters said. “Once they experience rapid and hassle-free fueling, then CNG adoption will accelerate significantly.

“High-speed fill rates save upwards of a $1 per gallon in operating time, which means trucking companies and drivers can make more money every day while improving air quality in the Permian Basin.”

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Source: Freedom CNG with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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