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Volvo Bifuel with Westport Technology

June 24, 2016 in CNG, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

V90 Uses Same Gaseous Fuel Gear as V60 Sports Wagon

Westport Fuel Systems is spreading the word that the CNG-gasoline bi-fuel version of Volvo’s new V90 station wagon is based on the same gaseous fuel engine technology it supplied for the V60 sports wagon. updated June 28

Volvo V90

Volvo V90

Westport Fuel Systems is the new name for the recently merged Westport Innovations and FSSI/Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. (F&F, June 2).

The V90’s engine can run on either compressed natural gas and/or RNG renewable natural gas/biomethane, or gasoline. “As well as showcasing excellent green credentials, the car will also feature a high performance 254-horsepower engine,” Westport says, “and an eight-speed automatic gearbox to ensure a world-class driving experience.”

Taxi Fleets

“The Volvo V90 BiFuel will be an important model for us. It will primarily benefit our taxi fleet customers,” Volvo fleet sales and business development manager Fredrik Isakson says in the Westport announcement. “It will also be good for companies with an explicit environmental policy,” he said.

“By collaborating with OEMs, like Volvo Car, we are able to develop vital technology solutions to reduce emissions and continue to meet demand for premium natural gas vehicles,” said Westport president and COO Nancy Gougarty.

Westport Hardware and Software

Westport supplies both hardware and software for the fi-fuel technology, says Westport Sweden customer director Per-Inge Kruse. “Westport is also responsible for testing, certification and installation of all CNG-related systems,” he told F&F.

Engines for the bi-fuel V90s, are delivered equipped for CNG operation from the Volvo engine plant in Skövde, Sweden.

‘Most Powerful CNG Car on the Market’

“The combination of Volvo Car’s exemplary automotive engineering and Westport’s advanced natural gas technology ensures that the V90 BiFuel will provide both a superior driving experience and excellent environmental benefits,” said Westport Sweden managing director Anders Johansson.

“The 254-horsepower engine makes it the most powerful CNG car on the market and, therefore, the natural choice for high-performance green driving,” he said.

Westport notes that the V90 will replace the V70, 400 of which, CNG-fueled, were ordered by Swedish taxi operator FVG/Fågelviksgruppen late last year (F&F, November 24).

Vehicle deliveries are expected to start in December.

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Source: Westport Fuel Systems with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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