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ANG Buys Krug CNG Outlet in Arkansas

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Station’s High Inlet Pressure Means High-Volume Potential,
Former Owner Krug/Triple Transport Signs Fueling Agreement

American Natural Gas said yesterday that it’s purchased a third compressed natural gas station in Arkansas, acquiring a two-island facility from Krug Energy in Searcy, northeast of Little Rock.

The TruStar Energy station for Krug Energy has been pumping CNG since December.

The Search station has two islands, with one dedicated to heavy duty NGVs.

The public-access station was built for Krug by TruStar Energy in 2014 (F&F, April 3, 2015). It is ANG’s third in Arkansas, as the company disclosed the acquisition of Southwestern Energy stations in Conway and Damascus in May.

Along with the Searcy buy, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.-based ANG has signed a long-term fueling agreement with Triple Transport Inc., an Arkansas-based hauler.

Ariel Compressors in an ANGI Package

The Searcy station features redundant high-performance Ariel compressors packaged by ANGI Energy. Gas is currently supplied by CenterPoint Energy, ANG CEO Drew West told F&F – delivered by pipeline at 600 psi. The facility has ample buffer storage, ANG says, and three dispensers suited to fuel both personal vehicles and heavy-duty, commercial tractors.

“With approximately 800,000 gallons fueled in 2015, this station is one of the top performing sites in the country,” West said in yesterday’s announcement. “These figures, combined with the hard work put into building and maintaining the station, make it a proud addition to the ANG network.”

‘A Win-Win for Both Parties’

“Krug Energy welcomes ANG to Searcy and is looking forward to their expertise in bringing this CNG station to its full potential,” Krug Energy and Triple Transport president Rush Krug says in the ANG release. “This deal is a win-win for both parties and gives us the opportunity to focus on our core business.

'Another satisfied customer,' says Krug: 'saving money and reducing emissions.'

‘Another satisfied customer,’ Krug said last year: ‘saving money and reducing emissions.’

“CNG remains a smart business and environmental decision and we intend to fuel our vehicles with it for years to come,” Krug said.

Triple Transport operates 21 CNG semis out of a total fleet of about 50 tractors, says controller Dan West, as well as half a dozen CNG pickups out of a fleet of about 15.

“Service at the station will remain uninterrupted as ownership and operations responsibilities shift to ANG,” ANG says.

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Source: ANG/American Natural Gas with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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