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Impco Offers New NGV Components

August 30, 2016 in CNG, LNG, New Products, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

A High-Flow Fuel Injector and Solenoid Tank Valves

The Impco Technologies unit of Westport Fuel Systems is offering a new GS2 high flow CNG fuel injector for world natural gas vehicles markets. Also new, from Impco’s GFI unit, are new solenoid valves for compressed natural gas fuel cylinders.

Impco-GFI TV-400 solenoid tank valves, non-vented and vented (center), with Impco’s new GS2 high flow injector at right.

Impco-GFI TV-400 series solenoid CNG tank valves, non-vented and vented (center), with Impco’s new GS2 high flow injector for NGVs at right.

The stainless steel-body GS2 injector is described as a cost-effective solution for compressed natural gas vehicles with high flow requirements: “Its flow capacity can reduce the total number of injectors required compared to other brands/models used in the same application,” the company says.

The GS2 is compatible with LNG/liquefied natural gas systems too, in 12- or 24-volt designs. Further, the manufacturer says:

  • a compact cartridge style design allows for easy drop-in installation and can be installed as port injection or throttle body injection; and
  • a side fuel feed and bottom discharge injector configuration allows for simpler port design and greater tolerance to gas contamination.

The new high flow injector is certified to ECE R110, R10 and ISO 15500 standards.

TV-400 Solenoid Tank Valves

The new TV-400-series ultralow profile internal solenoid tank valves from GFI promise impact protection for CNG cylinder. They also help protect CNG tanks from such environmental hazards as thermal shock, water intrusion and corrosion.

“All connections are radial to the tank neck to minimize space requirements,” states an announcement from parent Westport, to maximize onboard fuel storage.

The forged aluminum-body TV-400 solenoid valves are compatible with all CNG cylinder types, from all-steel to Type IV full composite.

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Source: Westport-Impco with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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