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Cobham Type IVs for Altech-Eco CNG

November 8, 2016 in CNG, Companies, New Products, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Low Lead Times, No Minimum Purchase Requirements:
‘How and When You Need Them at a Price You Can Afford’

Cobham has been chosen by Altech-Eco as the upfitter’s preferred supplier of all-composite Type IV compressed natural gas fuel cylinders, the tank manufacturer reports.

Cobham can supply 21-inch diameter CNG cylinders now and has 17- and 26-inch variants in development.

Cobham can supply 21-inch diameter CNG cylinders now and has 17- and 26-inch variants in development.

“With Cobham coming on the market and offering CNG cylinders with no minimum amounts, quick turnaround times and competitive prices, they are helping the natural gas vehicle industry grow and allowing us to be more flexible in meeting the needs of our customers,” Altech-Eco sales VP Miles George says in Cobham’s announcement.

“We really appreciate what Cobham is doing for us and the industry,” he said. Altech-Eco, a Ford QVM/Qualified Vehicle Modifier, is certifying model year 2017 Ford F-150/250/350 trucks and both Transit and Transit Connect vans for CNG operation, Cobham says.

‘Winning Strategy’

“Being chosen by Altech-Eco,” said Cobham Mission Systems VP/GM Tim Sopko, “is a confirmation of our winning strategy, which focuses on giving companies the flexibility they need to grow their business, not their inventory,”

“Conversion system suppliers and individual CNG truck owners no longer have to endure long lead times, damaged tanks as a result of poor packaging, and large quantity minimums,” he said. “Cobham can deliver cylinders how and when you need them at a price you can afford.”

Cobham’s current offerings include a 21-inch diameter family of various length CNG tanks available for strap mounting and with newly released boss mount designs. Additional sizes are coming, including a 17-inch diameter family of cylinders to be available this year and a 26-inch diameter family in the first quarter of 2017.

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Source: Cobham with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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