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Nanaimo CNG Buses, Jordair-Bauer Fueling

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24 New Flyer Xcelsior Buses Make for a 100% CNG Fleet,
As Jordair Helps Fuel Gas Supplier FortisBC’s Own Vehicles

British Columbia’s Regional District of Nanaimo has taken delivery of 24 compressed natural gas-fueled XN40 Xcelsior buses by New Flyer, making for a 100% CNG-fueled RDN fleet. All of the new buses are expected to be in service by the end of the spring.

BC Transit’s operation in Nanaimo now includes nearly 50 CNG buses.

“The purchase of the 24 new vehicles represents an investment of $15.4 million in the Regional District of Nanaimo Transit System,” states a release from parent BC Transit. Nanaimo is north of Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Natural gas is supplied by the FortisBC utility.

Reduced Operating Costs

BC Transit notes that the first 25 CNG buses arrived in Nanaimo in 2014. RDN has logged a 2% decrease in operating costs per service hour and 38.5% operating cost recovery in 2015/2016. Also according to the latest announcement, the buses have proved very reliable, clocking an average of 53,000 kilometers each (nearly 33,000 miles) in their first year of service.

“These additional 24 CNG buses will build off the success of the first 25, and will make Nanaimo our first fully CNG fleet,” said BC Transit president and CEO Manuel Achadinha. “We look forward to introducing CNG technology to more communities across the province.”

Utility Pays Half the Difference

“To help offset the initial costs associated with the purchase of the new CNG buses, FortisBC will provide funding of up to $480,000,” BC Transit says – “50% of the cost differential of CNG buses over diesel counterparts.

“By completing its Nanaimo fleet with compressed natural gas, BC Transit is not only ensuring benefits for the community through a cleaner, more cost-effective fuel but also for all FortisBC gas customers who will see rate benefits of a gas distribution system that is more optimized year-round,” said Sarah Smith, FortisBC’s natural gas for transportation and regional LNG/liquefied natural gas director.

Kevin Schubert is BC Transit’s regional transit systems director.

Two Jordair Packages for FortisBC

Separately, Delta, B.C.-based Jordair Compressors is spreading the word about two new CNG packages for FortisBC for the utility’s trucks and vans, and for third-party fleet customers – one in Nanaimo and the other in Burnaby, just south of Vancouver. They are 300-standard-cubic-foot-per-minute Gas-Plus5-280-250-E3-D-EN duplex installations with Bauer compressors.

Jordair has delivered and commissioned two 300-scfm Gas-Plus5-280-250-E3-D-EN duplex CNG vehicle fueling packages to FortisBC: one for installation south of Vancouver in Burnaby and another for Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

The stations have four-stage, air cooled Bauer IK28.0-C compressors, says Jordair industrial sales director Willie Romero, designed for 5-psi inlet and 5,000-psi discharge pressures. They are driven by 125-horsepower electric motors.

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Source: BC Transit & Jordair with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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