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Endress & Hauser Has a New Flowmeter

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One-Inch ‘CNGmass’ Units for Shale Gas Tube Trailers

The use of compressed natural gas to fuel the powerful engines used in shale gas production just got easier, says Endress & Hauser. The German company is introducing a new Coriolis mass flowmeter aimed at improving the loading efficiency of CNG brought to shale gas production sites in tube trailers.

‘With the release of the D8CB25 CNGmass flowmeter,’ says Endress & Hauser, ‘tube trailers can now be loaded more efficiently.’

The company’s new CNGmass D8CB25 will be shown at the upcoming Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo meeting. ACT Expo 2017 takes place May 1-4 at Southern California’s Long Beach Convention Centre.

“With the availability of large amounts of shale gas, domestic use of natural gas has become more popular over recent years,” states an E&H release. “But not all gas producing sites have direct access to gas pipelines, so ‘virtual pipelines,’ transporting natural gas by means of tube trailers, are now operating across the country to connect gas-producing sites to gas pipelines, or directly to industrial consumers.”

‘More Energy in Less Time’

“With the release of the D8CB25 CNGmass flowmeter,” states the release, “the tube trailers can now be loaded more efficiently.

“Not only is the loading time of a trailer cut, but the loading pressure in the tube trailer is increased. This results in the transportation of more energy in less time.”

The new meter measures mass flow up to 7,800 scfm/standard cubic feet per minute at temperatures up to 257F (125C), and pressures to 5,080 psi. The instrument measures direct mass or corrected volume flow with 0.5% accuracy to meet custody transfer standards, E&H says.

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Source: Endress & Hauser with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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