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FortisBC Funding for Gas: Land and Sea

April 10, 2017 in Biomethane, CNG, LNG, Marine, money available, NGVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Some $47 Million in Incentives for Natural Gas Transportation

British Columbia’s FortisBC utility said today that it has some $47 million (Canadian; about $35.2 million U.S. at current rates) available to help reduce the capital costs associated with natural gas-powered road and off-road vehicles, marine vessels, and industrial engines.

Truck-to-Ship Onboard fueling of BC Ferries’ new Salish Orca by FortisBC (F&F, February 24): the new vessel is now expected to enter LNG-powered service next month.

The utility notes that it also provides CNG/compressed natural gas and LNG/liquefied natural gas fueling solutions for customers – both infrastructure and station dispensing services.

“Amendments to the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Regulation (GGRR) under British Columbia’s Clean Energy Act,” states a release, “enable utilities to increase incentives to stimulate the use of LNG to fuel large marine vessels, and enable utility investments in renewable natural gas.”

Rail, Too

“With the new amendments we now can expand our investments to realize the significant economic opportunities and environmental benefits presented by natural gas for transportation – this includes incremental expenditures of C$70 million ($52.5 million U.S.) toward incentive LNG-powered marine vessels and locomotives to move goods to West Coast ports in BC,” FortisBC says.

“The provincial government’s leadership allows FortisBC to build upon existing programs supporting the natural gas for transportation and renewable natural gas sectors,” utility president and CEO Michael Mulcahy says in a release.

FortisBC notes that in British Columbia, the transportation industry is responsible for the largest share of provincial greenhouse gas emissions.

Check out some of the utility’s natural gas success stories here.

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Source: FortisBC with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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