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More Luxfer CNG Tanks for McNeilus

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G-Stor Go Type IV Cylinders for S-Series Front Discharge Mixers

McNeilus Truck has selected G-Stor Go brand Type IV compressed natural gas cylinders from Luxfer, with Luxfer G-Flo valves, for its CNG-fueled S-Series front discharge concrete mixers.

A ‘Twin Vertical’ CNG cylinder configuration for S-Series front discharge mixers ‘maximizes truck ground clearance without compromising on wheelbase,’ McNeilus says. The Oshkosh company is using ‘G-Stor Go’ brand all-composite Type IV CNG from Luxfer, with Luxfer’s ‘G-Flo’ brand valves.

“The innovative vertically installed tanks free up frame space for chute storage, tanks and other components,” states a Luxfer release. “The fuel management module features an NGV1 fill port, defuel port, manual-shutoff valve and pressure sensor, ensuring safe and successful fueling.”

Each truck is fitted with twin Luxfer G-Stor Go tanks affording “10% additional volume combined with a 30% reduction in weight compared to previous conventional hybrid cylinders,” Luxfer says. The G-Flo valves are said to provide superior flow, “even at low tank pressure, which increases range.”

More Fuel Onboard

The G-Stor Go cylinders hold 82 diesel gallon equivalents of CNG – an increase of seven DGEs over Luxfer’s previous model.

McNeilus unveiled a low-profile back-of-cab CNG cylinder assembly using Luxfer tanks at ACT Expo 2016 (F&F, May 9, 2016). For ACT Expo 2017, which runs May 1-4 at Southern California’s Long Beach Convention Center, the companies are planning adjacent exhibits: Booth 833 for McNeilus and Booth 837 for Luxfer.

The ACT Expo 2017 exhibit hall will be open May 2-3.

McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing is a unit of Oshkosh Corp.

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Source: Luxfer with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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