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ANGI Energy CNG for the IHB Rail Project

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‘An Innovative CNG Fueling Station Specifically for Rail’

ANGI Energy is to begin shipping turnkey equipment for the first-ever trackside fast-fill compressed natural gas fueling facility for locomotives. The Chicago-area’s Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad is to begin deployment of the first of as many as 31 converted switcher (short-range) locomotives.

ANGI’s design for IHB incorporates components of transit, trailer, and heavy duty truck CNG fueling.

The first two are being converted to CNG-diesel duel fuel operation by R.J. Corman Railpower and OptiFuel Systems. The upfitters are using Type IV Hexagon Lincoln CNG cylinders (F&F, April 25).

To fuel them, states a release “ANGI has designed an innovative CNG fueling station specifically for rail, leveraging ANGI’s longtime experience in fueling a wide range of vehicle and virtual pipeline (thermal transfer) applications.

‘A Design Team of Experts’

“It was awesome to be part of a design team of experts,” ANGI international sales and business development director Tim Boyle says in his company’s IHB project announcement, “in a collaborative effort to design a CNG system from gas meter to fuel injection to optimize all aspects of the CNG fueling circuit.”

ANGI is using four-stage Ariel JGQ2 (two-throw) compressors. “Initial phase is four compressors,” Boyle told F&F.

ANGI is using four-stage Ariel JGQ2 compressors.

ANGI says that its design incorporates components of transit, trailer, and heavy duty truck fueling to leverage time-tested fueling methods to design a fast-fill high pressure 4,500-psi fueling system.

‘ANGI Fueling Algorithms and Onboard Locomotive Telemetry’

The design “integrates ANGI fueling algorithms and onboard locomotive telemetry to ensure accurate and full target fueling, accomplishing the design targets in a challenging trackside rail environment.”

“Introducing CNG as a viable fuel into the freight rail industry is a role that the IHB embraces in both its unique challenges and operational and environmental rewards,” IHB mechanical operations director Mike Nicoletti says in the ANGI release.


The Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad in Chicago and northwest Indiana is the largest terminal switching railroad in North America, ANGI notes. The IHB provides service to more than 100 industrial customers, and interchanges with 17 railroads including six Class 1 railroads across its 35 miles of mainline and 350 miles of yard and siding tracks.

Its CNG Repower Program is supported by federal funds through the CMAQ/Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality program, administered by CMAP, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

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Source: ANGI Energy with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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