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Bauer for Quiet & Remote Monitoring

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‘We Are Always Adding Additional Intelligence Technology in Our Systems’

Among its ACT Expo 2017 displays, Bauer Compressors is highlighting two new features on its C-23 compressor. The unit is designed to meet the needs of medium to large vehicle fleets.

Bauer promoted its C-26 X-Fill for large fleet applications alongside the C-23 compressor on show at ACT Expo 2017 in Long Beach.

“The first thing we’re highlighting this year is the quietness of our units,” says marketing director Matt Henry. “Our units can get down to 65 decibels at one meter – lower sometimes, depending on some variables – which makes it a good neighbor for fill stations in a residential area. In fact, that option makes it a little less than a standard dishwasher, which runs about 70 decibels.”

Another feature being highlighted this year is the Bauer Remote HMI, which provides 24/7 interactive control over remote units.

‘They Don’t Have to Send a Technician Each Time’

“Bauer is known for its high quality compressor systems,” says Tahsin Durak, a Bauer electrical engineer credited with the HMI design. “And we are always adding additional intelligence technology in our systems. What this new HMI design means is that a customer can monitor their compressors remotely from anywhere on the globe.

“We give them the ability to see compressor functionalities and provide updates so they don’t have to send a technician each time, when they really just have to push a reset button,” he said. “They can basically push the reset button remotely, from 1,000 miles away.”

New Dashboard Coming

“Additionally, in a couple of months, we will offer customers a new dashboard so that they will be able to see, from any laptop, the entire configuration of their compressor through a virtual private network.

“Not only will they be able to monitor, but also change configurations if they desire.”

The next Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo has been scheduled for April 30-May 3, 2018 – again at Southern California’s Long Beach Convention Center.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels at ACT Expo 2017 in Long Beach

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