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Cummins Westport’s New Low-NOx Line

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Three for 2018: ‘Reductions Similar to Battery-Electric Propulsion’

“Move to Zero,” says Cummins Westport, as the joint venture company is expanding its line of super low-NOx engines for 2018: launching at ACT Expo 2017 this past Monday the 6.7-liter B6.7N, the 8.9-liter L9N (formerly the ISL G Near Zero) and the 11.9-liter ISX12N.

From left to right: Cummins Westport’s 6.7-liter B6.7N, 8.9-liter L9N (formerly the ISL G Near Zero), and 11.9-liter ISX12N for 2018

The latter two will be California Air Resources Board-certified certified to just 0.02 grams of NOx per brake-horsepower-hour, which is 90% cleaner than the current standard. The B6.7N is to be certified is to 0.1 g/bhp-hr – 50% cleaner.

All are to be available in the first quarter of next year.

‘New Standards for Performance and Reliability’

“These 2018 natural gas engines set new standards for performance and reliability while offering near-zero emissions,” Cummins Westport says. They “continue the evolution of ultra low emission on-highway natural gas engines from Cummins Westport.”

When combined with the use of RNG/renewable natural gas, they make for “significant well-to-wheel GHG [greenhouse gas] reductions similar to battery electric propulsion.”

Cummins Westport president Rob Neitzke announced the three-engine ‘Move to Zero’ lineup on May 1 at ACT Expo 2017 in Long Expo.

The new natural gas engines feature spark-ignited stoichiometric combustion with cooled EGR/exhaust gas recirculation, with a simple maintenance-free, three-way catalyst for consistent emissions control. They have new electronic engine, ignition, and OBD/onboard diagnostics capability via the CM2380 ECM/engine control module.

‘More Than Just a Tagline’

The low-NOx trio was unveiled ACT Expo 2017’s Game Changer 2.0 Summit session by Cummins Westport president Rob Neitzke.

“It’s more than just a tagline,” he said of “Move to Zero.”

“For us,” Neitzke said, “it embodies this journey that we are on with customers, with industry leaders and market influencers like many of you in this room today. Because as the ‘Game Changer’ name implies, this is a really big bold change.”

“This is not – I repeat not – clean sheet disruptive technology,” he said. “In fact, it’s just the opposite. We stood on the shoulders of ten to 20 years of hard work by many of the people in this room to arrive at a place now where I believe we have the best alternative out there. It’s mature. It’s affordable. And it’s ready right now.”

‘Stable, Mature’

“We were able to take a stable, mature affordable technology that we have been improving with customers since 2007 and make it emissions equivalent to other zero emission technologies without having to push clean sheet disruptive technologies and without having to ask customers to throw away all of their valuable experience and investment with one technology and start over with a new one,” Neitzke said.

Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas CEO Johannes Escudero discussed his organization’s mission and advocacy and education efforts.

The first Autocar truck with a Cummins Westport ISL G Near Zero engine was shown by Athens Services at ACT Expo 2017. CNG fuel system by Agility Fuel Solutions

“For the transportation fuel market, [the use of] renewable natural gas quintupled between the years 2013 and 2015,” Escudero said. “And it is on pace to triple yet again by the end of next year.

Two Billion Gallons?

“As of last Friday, April 29th, our projected volume of renewable natural gas by the end of 2018 is estimated to be 541,409,000 ethanol gallon equivalents.”

“One recent study indicates that if you were to aggregate the potential RNG from agricultural residue, manure, fats, oil, greases, landfill gas and other municipal solid waste streams, according to UC Davis, there is enough potential just in California to produce nearly 2 billion diesel gallon equivalents.”

A subsequent panel representing RNG commercial and municipal users also provided their own perspectives on the topic.

More Near Zero Buses for San Diego

Pointing to testing of the Cummins engine that successfully concluded in August 2016, Tim Burrie, maintenance manager for the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, noted that his agency would be receiving 76 more near zero engine buses this year and is “out to bid on up to 400 more buses over the next five years. And they will all be the near zero engines.”

New Clean Energy Renewables boss Tyler Henn with TTSI’s super low-NOx Freightliner Cascadia at ACT Expo 2017.

Marty Mitchell, Athens Services maintenance director, described his company’s use of the new engines as “just an excellent fit.”

“Our trucks go out and come back to the same yard every night,” he said. “We slow fill them and they are ready to run the next morning. So, for this type of a business, it really makes a lot of sense. And it’s sustainable. It’s something that we can continue doing and know that the ability will be there for us years from now.”

TTSI Is Using Redeem

Referring to his company’s experience testing an advance version of the ISX12N powering a Freightliner Cascadia in the Port of Long Beach (F&F, March 24), Total Transportation Services, Inc. founder, president and CEO Vic LaRosa said, “We have been running that truck for about eight weeks and the performance has been phenomenal.

“The Cummins people run tests on the motor and we’re not seeing any fault lights. We’re not seeing any fault issues with the truck. The drivers love the truck. It gives us the capability to handle the varying weights. It gives us the capability to handle grades. So we have great, great hopes for this engine.”

First Near Zero for Autocar Was Shown

Santa Monica-headquartered Athens Services showed an Autocar collection vehicle powered by the ISL G Near Zero engine from Cummins Westport – the 8.9-liter powerplant rechristened the L9N for 2018.

It is the first Autocar vehicle to be fitted with the super low-NOx engine, says Athens maintenance director Marty Mitchell.

The First of 100 for Athens Services

“This will be one of 100,” Mitchell told F&F in Long Beach, as the hauler has ordered 99 additional Autocar trucks with the engine.

The truck has a front-loader body by Heil with Odyssey brand hydraulics expected to reduce overall fuel consumption by about 5%, Mitchell says.

The CNG cylinder assembly is by Agility Fuel Solutions. The truck at ACT Expo can hold 65 DGE/diesel gallon equivalents of fuel.

Big Victory in Los Angeles

Athens scored a big recently in Southern California as it won contracts from the City of Los Angeles for three of 11 new franchise collection zones for commercial trash pickups. “We were awarded the most zones,” Mitchell said.

ACT Expo 2018 – the next Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo – has been scheduled for April 30-May 3, 2018 – again at Southern California’s Long Beach Convention Center.

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Source: Fleets & Fuels at ACT Expo 2017 in Long Beach

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