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TruStar Offers ‘CFS’ Compact CNG Units

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Portable Compressor Skids Are Designed to Allow Fleets
That Are Now Fueling Publicly to Lower Their CNG Costs

TruStar Energy has launched a program called CFS, for Compact Fuel Station and CNG Fleet Development, allowing smaller fleets to take advantage of clean compressed natural gas “and fleets fueling at public CNG stations the ability to lower their costs.”

TruStar has launched its CFS/Compact Fuel Solution program with two- and three-compressor units capable of delivering 89 and 134 GGEs per hour.

“Our CFS Program was designed to address the needs of smaller fleets, pilot programs for larger fleets and those looking to improve their current public fueling experience,” TruStar president Adam Comora says in the CFS announcement.

There are “no take or pay” commitments, the company says.

Both two- and three-compressor CFS units are available. TruStar is using Sauer compressors, says sales VP Aaron Lay. They require standard three-phase 480-volt electrical power and can operate with gas inlet pressure of just 5 psi.

Ten 100-GGE Trucks in Seven.5 Hours

The two-compressor unit can deliver 188 standard cubic feet per minute of fuel, or 89 gasoline gallon equivalents per hour – enough to fill ten 80-GGE trucks in about nine hours.

The three-compressor CFS is rated for 282 scfm, or 134 GGEs per hour – enough to fill ten 100-GGE trucks in about seven and a half hours.

The new CFS/Compact Fueling Station ‘offers huge benefits with a very small footprint,’ TruStar says. ‘With virtually unlimited configurations available, stations can be customized for your specific needs without sacrificing valuable square footage.’ (original emphasis)

“The system can be used in a modular/portable way,” Lay says. The CFS is packaged in ocean-grade shipping containers, he says, for ease of manufacturing, transportation, and service.

‘We Have Heard the Voice of Customers’

In addition to the Sauer compressors, TruStar is using Horner RX371 controls, Red Lion communications panels, and PSB regenerative dryers.

“We can configure in many customizable ways to ensure minimal disruption to customer’s current facility layout,” Lay told F&F.

“We have heard the voice of customers,” said COO Scott Edelbach. CFS, he said, “allows us the ability to offer a private, convenient fuel solution without a capital or take or pay commitment.

RNG Is Available Too

“TruStar Energy takes care of this. All you do is call us and six months later fuel up.”

“You can save time and money with CNG,” TruStar says.

“As with all TruStar fueling programs, renewable CNG is available with our CFS program for additional sustainability and cost savings benefits.”

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Source: TruStar Energy with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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