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‘Cool’ HHP Summit in Marine LNG Hotspot

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Jacksonville Emerging as North America’s Marine LNG Capital

The 2017 Natural Gas for High Horsepower (HHP) Summit is gathering steam as organizers have released the Expo Hall floorplan and a list of key speakers.

The HHP Summit Expo Hall – open November 8-9 – is a key part of the meeting.

HHP Summit 2017 – the sixth annual – takes place November 6-9 at the Prime Osborn Convention Center in Jacksonville, Fla.

Jacksonville, notes HHP Summit organizer (and Fleets and Fuels publisher) GNA/Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, is the seen of “incredible market activity” for liquefied natural gas for high horsepower. Two LNG-fueled ships are already working the Puerto Rico trade (Tote Maritime; F&F, February 17) and two more are to follow (Crowley Marine; F&F, March 17).

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates CEO Erik Neandross

Three New LNG Production Plants

“In the months leading up to HHP Summit, Jacksonville will become home to more LNG-fueled ocean-going vessels, locomotives and over-the-road trucks than any place in the world, as well as the launching point for the export of natural gas to remote power generation and industrial markets in the Caribbean and beyond,” GNA says.

“To support these operations, three new LNG production plants are under construction, including a state-of-the-art facility from six-time HHP Summit presenting sponsor, Pivotal LNG.”

‘Nowhere Is This More Evident than in Jacksonville’

“In the last 12 months, transformative growth has swept the North American natural gas market for high- fuel-use applications,” said GNA CEO Erik Neandross.

“Nowhere is this more evident than in Jacksonville,” he said, “where LNG and CNG projects are hitting the water, tracks, and gravel month-after-month.”

Scheduled HHP Summit 2017 speakers include Crowley Marine chairman and CEO Thomas Crowley, Tote Maritime executive VP Pete Keller, BC Ferries LNG engineering director Marcel LaRoche, NYK Group Europe president and CEO Svein Steimler, Carnival maritime affairs senior VP Tom Strang, and Harvey Gulf executive VP Chad Verret.

“Large marine operators continue to pursue the use of natural gas as a fuel that offers long-term price stability, operational simplicity, and environmental advantages over scrubber systems, low-sulfur marine gas oil and other marine fuels,” Neandross notes in the recent article, LNG Marine Fuel: A Hot Spot for a Cold Fuel, published in LNG Industry magazine.

Beyond the Demonstration Phase

“Compounded by the long asset life of the average marine vessel, natural gas offers an appealing solution to a variety of issues faced by operators around the world,” he wrote.

“LNG as a marine fuel has moved passed the demonstration phase and early project efforts have created fully functioning LNG supply chains that will, in turn, facilitate a continued acceleration and expansion of natural gas powered marine vessels.”

HHP Summit 2017 attendees will get hands-on access to:

  • gas producers and suppliers;
  • natural gas engine manufacturers;
  • engine conversion and retrofit technologies;
  • transport vehicles and support equipment;
  • fuel tank and storage technologies;
  • fueling infrastructure and delivery solutions;
  • cryogenic pumps and turbo expanders;
  • vaporizers and distribution manifolds;
  • emissions and compliance controls; and
  • compressor suppliers.

The HHP Summit 2017 Expo Hall is open November 8-9.

Full Roster of GNA Contacts for HHP Summit 2017

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