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Faster Still on the Isle of Man

June 5, 2012 in Electric Drive, EVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Dow Kokam is talking up an electric motorcycle speed record expected to be set tomorrow (June 6) on the Isle of Man.

The Dow Chemical affiliate supplies the large-format lithium ion batteries for the 100% electric, redesigned MotoCzysz 012 E1pc motorcycle.

The MotoCzysz team will attempt a new electric motorcycle speed record with the redesigned, Dow Kokam-powered 012 E1pc at the SES TT Zero Clean Emissions Motorcycle Challenge on the Isle of Man on June 6. MotoCzysz rider Michael Rutter seen here on a practice run in MotoCzysz/Simon Patterson photo.

The MotoCzysz team has already broken the 100 mph average lap speed in its qualifying run, and is hoping to go even faster in the actual race, a spokesman told F&F Tuesday. MotoCzysz took both first and second place last year with its 2011 and 2010 model E1pc motorcycles, Dow Kokam says, and came close to breaking the 100 mile-per-hour average lap speed for the 37.75 mile course.

Dow Kokam has provided both lithium ion cells and technical support for all three years. MotoCzysz uses HVH “high-voltage hairpin” motors from Remy International (F&F, November 29, 2011).

MotoCzysz 'Digital Drive'

“Dow Kokam’s advanced lithium-ion battery cells have unmatched reliability, flexibility and performance,” MotoCzysz founder and CEO Michael Czysz says in a release. “We’ve taken advantage of their wide range of cell formats to create a unique system that delivers the energy and dependability we need on the track.

“Dow Kokam cells are part of the core of our E1pc platform, when we designed the 012 E1pc, we were able to fit a larger pack while optimizing balance, aerodynamics, and we were able to decrease weight,” Czysz said. “With Dow Kokam’s superior technology powering our motorcycles, we expect to shatter records on the track.”

The SES TT Zero Clean Emissions Motorcycle Challenge at the Isle of Man is the biggest electric motorcycle race in the world, Dow Kokam says.

The official record challenge is slated for 5:45 a.m. EDT Wednesday, June 6, and may be heard live at |

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