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Ioxus Ultracaps for emDrive Upfits

July 18, 2012 in Electric Drive, EVs, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

EMD Chooses 3000F iCAP Units for Fuel Efficiency in Trucks

Oneonta, N.Y.-based Ioxus, Inc. is announcing today that Long Island’s ElectroMotive Design has chosen its ultracapacitors for its Class 2 to Class 8 truck hybrid upfits. “Ioxus ultracapacitors are the primary energy storage technology used in EMD’s fuel saving hybrid electric technology called emDrive,” Ioxus says.

3000F iCAP ultracapacitors from Ioxus are the sole electricity storage medium for emDrive hybrid upfits by ElectroMotive Design.

Improved performance, more flexible form factors, and today’s better pricing are among the factors that have convinced EMD to choose ultracapacitors over batteries, says GM Joe Ambrosio.

He calls ultracaps “the game-changer” for EMD’s system that depends on maximum electricity recovery from regenerative braking – and thus is power-intensive, not energy-intensive. The EMD drive uses that power for acceleration, paring fuel use.

“The low-lying fruit is all about the power,” Ambrosio told F&F. “The ultracapacitors,” he says, “streamlined the whole system.”

The aggressive regen reduces brake wear, and thus maintenance costs, as well.

Experience on vehicles like this Class 8 Condor refuse truck in Arizona has convinced ElectroMotive Design engineers that ultracapacitors are the way to go.

“Many EMD customers will see a payback in two to three years,” Ioxus says.

“We use ultracapacitors as our system’s energy storage medium in order to capture regenerative braking energy to be used later to assist the vehicle’s acceleration,” Ambrosio says in the Ioxus announcement. “Because ultracapacitors are highly efficient at energy recapture and storage, they are best able to handle the high power bursts we needed for our hybrid conversion systems to deliver the highest fuel efficiency.”

EMD chose Ioxus’ 3000F iCAP brand ultracapacitors cells as the core energy storage for the emDrive upfits because they have “the lowest weight, lowest equivalent series resistance (ESR) and highest power density available in the market,” Ioxus says. “Ultracapacitors can handle more than one million charge and discharge cycles and offer a longer lifespan than batteries, allowing EMD to meet customer demands for a low-cost solution that is easy to install and reduces operating costs.”

“Ultracapacitors are the only technology able to capture the high peak power levels of a regenerative braking event in a compact, low-weight package,” Ioxus continues. “With a high cycle life, a high charge acceptance rate of 95%, wide temperature operating range and instantaneous recharge, ultracapacitors are the ideal energy storage solution for hybrid-electrical applications.”

“Rugged, durable ultracapacitor cells provide the best energy storage solution for acceleration and energy recapture,” said Ioxus CEO Mark McGough.

‘Higher Power, Smaller and Lighter’

Ioxus offers ultracapacitors and hybrid capacitors ranging in size from 100 Farads to 3,000 Farads. Ioxus claims “two to three times higher power compared to other ultracapacitors, with smaller, lighter weight modules and systems… uniquely optimized for high performance with low resistance, ideal for delivering high power bursts for acceleration, energy recapture, peak load shaving and high power applications.

“With a wide breadth of ultracapacitor technology,” said McGough, “Ioxus offers many highly reliable solutions for hybrid-electrical applications, increasing the efficiency of the hybrid conversion system by reducing overall system maintenance and cost to propel such technology toward mass adoption.”

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