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Boston-Power for China C70 Sedan

August 14, 2012 in batteries, Electric Drive, EVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Beijing EV to Use Its Swing Lithium Batteries for Saab-Based Sedan

Hundreds this year and “thousands of EVs by 2014,” as Boston-Power reports that Beijing Electric Vehicle Company has selected its lithium ion batteries to power its Saab-based C70 sedan.

High-energy lithium ion batteries from Boston-Power will be used in China’s C70 sedan.

Boston-Power has devised a battery management system for its battery packs that requires no cooling, says Boston-Power founder and international chair Christina Lampe-Önnerud. This helped cinch the sale, as “product simplification” was a key driver.

Other selling points? “We have very high energy density and fast-charge capability,” she told F&F – and long cycle life.

Boston-Power is talking up a multi-year deal to provide battery systems to BJEV, the Beijing Electric Vehicle Company, which is the electric vehicle delivery arm of BAIC, the Beijing Automotive Industry Company.

“It is projected that Boston-Power’s battery systems will be used in hundreds of electric vehicles starting in 2012 and thousands of EVs by 2014,” Boston-Power says.

“China is committed to leading the world in electric vehicle innovation, manufacturing, public policy, consumer adoption and export,” Boston-Power chairman Sonny Wu said in a release.

Bricks and Mortar in China Too

Boston-Power says its battery systems are expected to support multiple BJEV models and brands. The C70 sedan, based on the 9-5 Saab chassis BAIC acquired in 2009, is to be first, with availability this year.

“China’s stated policy is to lead the world in the development of clean transportation and we intend to produce thousands of hybrid and electric vehicles,” BJEV GM Fang Qing says in the Boston-Power announcement.

Boston-Power says it’s establishing a world-class R&D and EV battery engineering facility in China, as well as a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility “that will be capable of producing 400 megawatt hours (MWh) of lithium-ion battery cells annually by the end of 2012.”

Boston-Power says that its EV-focused, Swing brand battery products offer industry-leading capabilities in energy density, cycle and calendar life, operating temperature range, safety and environmental sustainability for electric transportation, including

  • leading energy density with more than 50% more usable energy density by volume and over 45% more by weight compared to the industry – 207 watt-hours per kilogram at the cell level;
  • 10-year reliable calendar life at high recharge acceptance;
  • industry-leading operating temperature range down to -40C (discharge);
  • “unparalleled system safety at the cell, block, module and system level;” and
  • cost-effective thermal management, with options encompassing integrated liquid or air cooling channels – or no need for cooling channels at all.

“China has one of the world’s most aggressive plans to promote EVs and we’re thrilled to be working with BJEV to bring more environmentally sustainable vehicles to consumers,” Lampe-Önnerud said.

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