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Remy Motor for MAN’s Metropolis

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‘World’s First Truck Featuring a Passenger-Car Diesel Engine’

Remy International provided the motor and generator to multinational Benteler Engineering for the new Metropolis plug-in hybrid electric truck by Germany’s MAN Truck and Bus. The vehicle – with a 3-liter Volkswagen diesel engine – is be tested as a garbage truck.

MAN’s experimental Metropolis is a full-size heavy duty truck with a Volkswagen V-6 engine.

“Our HVH410 motors are the perfect fit in this application,” Remy’s Kevin Quinn, VP and general manager for electric motors, says in a release.

“The motors deliver tremendous power and torque, which is what you need in heavy-duty trucks,” Quinn said. “It is also quiet, which is especially important in urban environments.

“Partnering with Benteler Engineering is a great opportunity for us to show how Remy electric motors can help meet the growing worldwide demand for sustainable urban vehicles.”

On Show in Germany in September

MAN tapped Benteler as the system integrator for the Metropolis, which will be shown at Germany’s IAA 2012 Commercial Vehicles Motor Show late next month in Hannover.

With Metropolis, MAN says it “has gone beyond the hybrid approach dominating current thinking for heavy-duty trucks and has instead created a completely new type of drive architecture.”

The Metropolis is based on an MAN TGS 6×2-4 with 203-kilowatt (270 horsepower) electric motor driving the rear wheels via a two-speed automatic gearbox. Power steering, air compressor and hydraulic pump, and air conditioning are all electric.

The MAN-Benteler plug-in hybrid electric Metropolis truck has 105-kilowatt lithium ion battery pack and a HVH410 electric traction motor and generator by Remy International.

Energy is supplied by a modular lithium ion battery with maximum capacity of 105 kilowatt-hours, MAN says. The battery is located beneath the cab, above the front axle, where the diesel engine of a conventional truck is located.

“The weight of the battery is thus on the front axle so that as before, the rear axles can bear the weight of the body and of the goods being transported,” MAN says. “The weight saving achieved through dispensing with a conventional truck engine and gearbox offsets the extra weight of the hybrid system, so that the vehicle has exactly the same payload as the standard MAN TGS 6×2-4.”

MAN describes the vehicle’s 204-horsepower, Volkswagen V-6 TDI diesel engine as a range-extender, necessary because “a battery that had to store the entire amount of energy required to operate a heavy-duty truck would take up a considerable part of that vehicle’s payload.”

Quiet Collections in Belgium

Suez Environnement will test the Metropolis as a garbage truck in the Antwerp-Brussels region for around two years, MAN says. The vehicle has a Faun compactor specially designed for fully electrical operation.

“In low-noise mode, the MAN Metropolis drives using only electricity,” MAN says: “the drive to lift the refuse containers and compress the waste is electro-hydraulic. Because driving and collecting operations are electrically powered, the noise of operation has been significantly reduced.”

The trucks falls well within the usual noise-restriction limits applying in inner cities, MAN says, which will allow garbage collection in morning and evenings when traffic is light. “Electric operation is designed for a full day shift, comprising two cycles each with four hours’ collection work and a distance of 15 kilometers (better than 9 miles) in stop-and-go operation. “The range extender is used only occasionally during the day shift,” MAN says.

60% Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targeted

“Viewing the balance as a whole, from the generation of electricity to the moving vehicle (well-to-wheel), the carbon dioxide savings potential is a very big one: it will be the task of the field test from the end of 2012 on to verify and quantify this potential.

“The project aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60% compared with a conventional diesel vehicle.”

Remy president and CEO John Weber termed the Benteler-MAN selection of the HVH410 for Metropolis “a powerful endorsement of our products and our commitment to the global hybrid market.”

Munich-based MAN Truck & Bus has some 34,000 employees, and in fiscal year 2011 sold more than 77,600 trucks and 5,700 buses worth 9 billion euros.

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