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October 23, 2012 in Companies, Electric Drive, EVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

EVs ‘At Least $100,000 Cheaper than Climate-Changing Diesels’

Citing the low daily mileage tallies yet high lifetime fuel costs of fleets, Ohio’s Amp Electric Vehicles is dropping its consumer conversions to focus 100% on medium duty trucks. Amp says too that it has found truck fleet operators to be more willing to partner with small firms like itself than are the passenger car OEMs.

Ohio’s Amp Electric Vehicle is shifting its focus solely to medium duty trucks for fleets.

“After 5 years navigating this industry, we firmly believe that there are pockets of our transportation sector that will leave petroleum much earlier than others and are well suited for electric power,” Amp EVs president Steve Burns said in a recent conference call with investors.

“We have shifted our focus,” Burns said. “There is a real need for the trucking industry to move away from petroleum based products and we believe we can help to satisfy this need.

“We are focusing on the truck fleet market and particularly, on medium sized (up to 20,000 pounds) trucks that have predictable driving patterns and routes. Today they are diesel-based, and get under 10 mpg.”

‘Compelling’ Argument for Battery Trucks

“90% of the operators of these types of step vans typically drive less than 100 miles per day, and usually on the same roads, taking the same turns,” Burns said. “Because they have predictable routes, these types of deployments don’t worry about running out of charge. And most important, because they get such poor gas mileage, the payback on electric modification is usually in the three- to four-year range. Typically, companies keep a truck for over ten years so a fleet manager understands that the long term economics of electric power make sense.”

“The surprising truth,” Burns said, “is that although an all-electric step van costs more at the beginning, on a 10-year cost basis, they are at least $100,000 cheaper than the air-polluting, climate-changing diesels that fill the roads these days.”

“That is compelling.”

Burns reminded investors that Amp recently delivered the first battery electric re-power of a Navistar International to the manufacturer as part of a two-truck project. Amp is using twin HVH250-90 motors from Remy International, and lithium iron phosphate cells from China in a water-cooled battery pack by Amp, including an Amp battery management system (F&F, August 28).

The firm is doing similar work for FedEx (F&F, June 4).

“By earning our credibility to deliver our repower units to customers, the door will open naturally to allow the transition to move upstream and continue conversations with the OEMs to support new vehicle opportunities,” Burns said.

And, “When the market for EVs is better established among individual consumers,” says Burns, “we will revisit it.”

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Source: Amp Electric Vehicles with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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