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California HVIP: More than 1,250 Trucks

February 5, 2013 in Electric Drive, EVs, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

More than $37.7 Million Worth of Incentive Vouchers Issued

Vouchers worth more than $37.7 million toward the purchase of 1,259 hybrid and electric and full battery electric trucks have been issued under HVIP, the Hybrid Voucher Incentive Program run by Calstart on behalf of the California Air Resources Board.

The Autocar E3 Xpeditor with RunWise brand heavy hydraulic hybrid driveline by Parker Hannifin became eligible for HVIP support this past November.

The totals through January include 903 hybrid electric and 356 battery electric trucks, according to figures furnished by CARB’s Joe Calavita.

According to Calstart, the pace is picking up. “Since early December 2012, more than $750,000 in voucher applications have been received, marking a higher level of activity than we’ve seen during the previous two years,” says Kevin Beaty, Calstart VP and director of the organization’s HTUF (High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum) program.

“With new vehicles and products becoming available, as well as next generation product improvements coming online from existing suppliers, we expect this renewed market momentum to continue,” Beaty told F&F.

Beverages and Parcels, Freightliner and Kenworth

Looking at the program totals to date, beverage delivery and parcel delivery trucks accounted for 32% and 31% percent of the vouchers issued, and 67% of the money. Food distribution was third, with 142 trucks, and uniform and linen delivery vehicles accounted for 118 units (figures include vouchers in progress).

Freightliner and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp supplied 364 of the HVIP-backed hybrid trucks to date, with Kenworth supplying 201.

Hino Trucks, which became eligible for HVIP funding with its 195h COE (cab over engine) vehicle late last year (F&F, November 5), has seen 63 trucks placed with HVIP support.

Also available as of November are Autocar E3 Xpeditor refuse trucks with the RunWise brand heavy hydraulic hybrid driveline from Parker Hannifin.

HVIP has backed the purchases of 169 battery electric trucks by Smith Electric Vehicles and exactly 100 by Electric Vehicles International.

By region, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, which includes Los Angeles, has been by far the biggest program participant, with 566, or 45% of the 1,259 program vouchers issued to date. The San Francisco Bay Area is second, with 357 vouchers, and the San Joaquin Valley third with 160.

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Source: California Air Resources Board/HVIP

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