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ClipperCreek for Workplace Chargers

April 9, 2013 in Electric Drive, EVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

‘It Doesn’t Really Have to Be That Expensive or Complicated’

ClipperCreek is promoting a complete line of workplace charging solutions for plug-in vehicles, with prices for both Level 1 and Level 2 units as low as $595.

'Charge Anywhere,' says ClipperCreek.

‘Charge Anywhere,’ says ClipperCreek.

“Employers have been wrestling with the best way to offer workplace charging,” ClipperCreek president Dave Packard said in a release. “It doesn’t really have to be that expensive or complicated.”

The firm says it provides free charging for employees at its facility in Auburn, Calif. ClipperCreek has an employee incentive program and says that 75% of its associates drive plug-in vehicles.

ClipperCreek's 240-volt LCS-25 Level 2 EV charger is now priced at just $595.00.

ClipperCreek’s 240-volt LCS-25 Level 2 EV charger is now priced at just $595.00.

ClipperCreek’s 120-volt ACS-15 and 240-volt LCS-25 are both now priced at just $595.

The CS-100, billed as the first UL-listed EV charge station manufactured in America, with the highest charge rate in the industry, “future proofs your installation and allows quick turn around of even the fastest charging vehicles,” ClipperCreek says. It’s priced at $2,195.


“If your business needs to control access or recoup revenue for the energy used, ClipperCreek’s CS line can be controlled by the innovative Liberty Plug-In access control systems,” the company adds.

ClipperCreek also noted that it’s improving the connectivity and adaptability of its EV chargers. In collaboration with Smartenit, which specializes in home and building automation, it is launching the first commercially available device that can connect to smart meters in a HAN, or home area network. The new EV charging station uses the Smartenit ZOE-EVC, a ZigBee SEP 1.1-certified module in use in millions of smart meters worldwide.

…and Adaptability

“The use of this module presents many advantages to the charging station design, including the ability to measure the charging profile and control the charging schedule,” ClipperCreek says. “This gives the station additional intelligence in managing the various charging patterns presented by the myriad electric vehicles available now and in the future.”

The project with Smartenit was sponsored by a major electric utility, ClipperCreek says. A pilot rollout is expected to be completed during this first half of 2013.

ClipperCreek maintains an online retail store accessible via (EVSE stands for electric vehicle supply equipment).

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Source: ClipperCreek with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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