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Tesla: ‘Complete Peace of Mind’

April 28, 2013 in EVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Tesla Boosts Warranty Service, Includes Full Battery Coverage

A new fleet of loaners, valet fetch and delivery service and a battery warranty that covers everything shy of setting the box on fire (or opening it) are part of Tesla’s new service program, launched last week by company chairman and CEO and product architect Elon Musk.

Tesla is promoting a new warranty program for its premium battery electric cars.

Tesla is promoting a new warranty program for its premium battery electric cars.

“Tesla is building a fleet of top of the line Model S loaners,” Musk said in his blog post, explaining that they are to be available for customers whose own car is in the shop.

“These will not be our basic model – they will be state of the art with all the best features and options,” Musk says. “Nor will this eventually become an aging fleet of overused cars. The Model S loaners will be available for immediate purchase at a price that is lower by 1% per month of age and $1 per mile.

“If you like the service loaner more than your other car, you can just keep it.”

And, “For an added bit of fun, customers in most markets will have the choice of taking home one of our Tesla Roadster sports cars when their car is in for service.”

And the battery? “In developing the Model S, we took great care to ensure that the battery would protect itself, always retaining a few percent of energy,” Musk says. “If something goes wrong, it is therefore our fault, not yours.

‘Annual Checkup Entirely Optional’

“Except in the cases of a collision, opening of the battery pack by non-Tesla personnel or intentional abuse (lighting the pack on fire with a blowtorch is not covered!), all damage is covered by warranty, including improper maintenance or unintentionally leaving the pack at a low state of charge for years on end.

“The battery will be replaced at no cost by a factory reconditioned unit with an energy capacity equal to or better than the original pack before the failure occurred.”

Tesla is also making scheduled maintenance optional. “Unlike gasoline cars, an electric car doesn’t need oil changes, fuel filters, spark plugs, smog checks,” Musk says. “As such, we are comfortable making the annual checkup entirely optional … even if you never bring in the car, your warranty is still valid.”

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Source: Tesla Motors with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


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