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TRC Wraps Amp Durability Testing

April 16, 2013 in Electric Drive, EVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Accelerated Wear-and-Tear to Demonstrate 20 Year Service Capability

Amp Electric Vehicles says that Transportation Research Center has completed accelerated durability testing of its 100% battery electric delivery truck, a pre-requisite to selling the vehicle to package delivery fleets.

Amp EVs acquired the Workhorse name last month is setting up to be the first fully integrated American manufacturer of 100% battery electric step vans.

Amp EVs acquired the Workhorse name last month is setting up to be the first fully integrated American manufacturer of 100% battery electric step vans.

Parent Amp Holding (OTCBB and OTCQB:AMPD) acquired the Workhorse brand (and the 200,000-square-foot Workhorse factory in Indiana, and a network of 440 dealers) from Navistar International for $5 million last month (F&F, March 20). The Ohio-based company is setting itself up to be the first integrated domestic manufacturer of battery electric step vans.

Amp engaged TRC “to simulate the rigors of package delivery in an environment where it is common to keep … vans in service for 20 years or more.

“The accelerated durability testing ran for 4,000 miles during the Ohio winter from February to April,” Amp said Monday.

“The comprehensive tests included running 2,000 miles at curb weight and 2,000 miles fully loaded. Each durability cycle was just under 10 miles long, and consisted of traversing a series of resonance, chatter, and impact bumps, a series of moderate washboards, frame twists, and dips, inverted chuckholes, stopping and starting on a 20% brake slope, ‘lock-to-lock’ figure-8 maneuvers, a short slalom course, and traversing gravel roads.”

“The testing is key validation for the durability and engineering integrity of the Amp all-electric system,” CEO Steve Burns said in a release.

Twin Remy Motors, 100 Miles on a Charge

“The durability testing during the winter demonstrates, on an accelerated time frame, the ability of Amp’s powertrain, battery management system and related all-electric components to successfully withstand the rigors of operating under extremely demanding conditions while maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle and Amp’s all-electric system,” Amp says.

Amp claims a unique all-electric drive with twin HVH250 motors from Remy “that produces 250 kilowatts and accelerates the 19,500 GVW vehicle faster than the original factory-installed diesel engine does.

“The system has a total energy storage system of 100 kilowatt-hours that can push the 1,000 cubic foot vehicle 100 miles on a single charge.”

Amp buys large format prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells primarily from China Aviation and builds its own battery packs using a commercially available BMS (battery management system), says company president Marty Rucidlo.

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Source: Amp Holding release with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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