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Bombardier’s Inductive Battery Bus

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Improved Primove Vehicle Unveiled at UITP Meeting in Geneva

Canadian passenger railcar (and airplane) manufacturer Bombardier took the occasion of last week’s UITP meeting in Geneva to unveil new features for its “Primove” transit bus, part of a system allowing fully electric operation by charging the vehicle during its work day via inductive power units built into the route roadway.

Bomberdier Primove bus during set-up at the UITP show in Geneva

Bomberdier Primove bus during set-up at the UITP show in Geneva

New at Geneva were a better battery for the Primove bus and improved controls.

Bombardier describes Primove as “a highly flexible solution that can be tailored to the specific needs of different municipalities and operators. During the initial planning stage, a precise energy flow simulation helps to design the most suitable charging configuration for the desired bus network. The ideal positioning of wireless charging stations is defined at the most suitable stops along existing routes so that the fleet never has to change course or extend dwell times in order to recharge. This allows maximum efficiency, while keeping charging infrastructure to a minimum.

Bombardier's 'Primove' all-electric transit bus design features in-route inductive charging.

Bombardier’s ‘Primove’ all-electric transit bus design features in-route inductive charging.

‘High Power Opportunity Charging’

“By incorporating high power charging at the most convenient points along bus routes,” Bombardier says, “the Primove system ensures optimum fleet availability. The wireless charging process is seamlessly integrated into existing operations to allow uninterrupted service without reverting to impractical, unattractive or unaffordable solutions.

“The concept of high power opportunity charging allows for a battery design that can be much smaller and lighter, thereby extending battery life and reducing energy consumption. Most importantly, the vehicle can now carry its maximum number of passengers instead of the extra weight of heavy batteries… the process is fully automated and requires no special intervention from the driver.”

The system has been tested by the transit authorities in Mannheim, Germany, Bombardier says.

UITP is the Brussels-based International Association of Public Transport (l’Union Internationale des Transports Publics). The next UITP World Congress and Exhibition, the 61st, takes place June 7-11, 2015 in Milan, Italy.

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Source: Bombardier Primove with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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