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Honda Slashes Fit EV Lease Tab to $259

June 12, 2013 in Electric Drive, EVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

And All of the Battery Cars Will Come with a Leviton Charger

American Honda has reduced the three-year lease price of its all-electric Fit EV from $389 per month to just $259, even for existing customers – and is throwing in a 240-volt EV home charging station equipment from Leviton.

Honda has dropped the lease price of its 100% battery electric Fit EV from $389 per month to just $259.

Honda has dropped the lease price of its 100% battery electric Fit EV from $389 per month to just $259.

Charger installation, alas, is not included. But the Fit EV is “the only EV on the market with no down payment, unlimited mileage, collision coverage and a free home charging station, giving customers an unprecedented value that only Honda can provide and a compelling reason to get off the barrel and onto the grid,” American Honda environmental business development VP Steve Center said in a release.

Honda says that the Fit EV online application process has been streamlined to allow for quicker approval and delivery.

200 Dealers in Eight States by Month’s End

“Further, the network of qualified Fit EV Honda dealers in California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Rhode Island and Connecticut will expand from 36 to more than 200 by the end of June.”

The 2013 Honda Fit EV “is the most efficient 5-passenger electric vehicle on the market,” the manufacturer says, with a combined adjusted EPA mile-per-gallon-equivalency rating of 118 MPGe, an EPA-rated single-charge driving range of 82 miles, and a low energy-consumption rating of just 29 kilowatt hours per 100 miles.

Fit EV customers can take advantage of Honda’s partnership with SolarCity to install solar power with no upfront cost.

Steve Center says in a separate Leviton announcement that “Leviton has designed a charging station that capitalizes on the efficiency of the all-electric Fit EV.”

Leviton describes a 32-amp unit with “safety devices not found in other charging stations in the marketplace, including a watertight enclosure with NEMA 4 rating and proprietary GFCI [ground fault circuit interrupter] technology.”

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Source: American Honda & Leviton with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


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