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TransPower $3.7m for LA Ports Drayage

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Seven Full Battery ‘ElecTruck’ for Ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach

San Diego-based TransPower said Tuesday that it has secured $3.7 million from public agencies in support of a demonstration of advanced electric Class 8 drayage trucks at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. “Deploying advanced, zero-emission technology is a critical component in the Ports’ on-going effort to tackle air pollution in Southern California,” the company said.

Dual electric motor-automated manual transmission assembly for TransPower’s ‘ElecTruck’ drive

Dual electric motor-automated manual transmission assembly for TransPower’s ‘ElecTruck’ drive

TransPower is to build a fleet of seven battery-electric trucks using its “ElecTruck” drive system, with electric motors powering large tractor-trailer rigs, “relying solely on energy supplied by large battery packs.”

The base vehicle for EDD, the Electric Drayage Demonstration, is the Navistar International ProStar. Total Transportation Services, Inc., will operate EDD trucks and collect data.

Navistar International ProStar

Navistar International ProStar

Funding for the EDD project comes from the California Energy Commission in a grant administered by Calstart ($2.3 million), a U.S. Department of Energy grant administered by the South Coast Air Quality Management District ($1.1 million) , and a Technology Advancement Program grant from the two ports for $300,000. The TAP grant was the last increment of funding for the project, TransPower says, and was formally approved on June 25.

A Pilot Truck This Summer

A separately funded pilot truck is to be completed within the next few weeks and unveiled late this summer, TransPower says.

The seven EDD trucks, all slated to deploy by 2014, will transport cargo containers between the L.A./Long Beach port complex and local rail yards and distribution centers. They are expected to operate for up to 100 miles on a single battery charge and recharge in three hours or less, while handling gross vehicle weight loads of up to 80,000 pounds.

$50,000 Annual Fuel Costs Saved

Each will be able to save its operator up to $50,000 a year in fuel costs, said TransPower CEO, Mike Simon. “These trucks will cost more to build than conventional diesel trucks, but with fuel and other savings, they should recover their additional capital costs within four to seven years,” Simon said in a release.

Key innovations include vehicle-mounted inverter-charger units that enable fast battery charging without external charging devices, an automated manual transmission for high performance in various operating modes while minimizing energy consumption, and “a flexible control architecture designed to simplify and accelerate adaptation of the ElecTruck drive to many different truck models.”

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Source: TransPower with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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