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Fuji Offers EV Charger Financing

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Zero Down and Zero Interest for DC Quick Charge Installations

Fuji Electric Corp of America is promoting a new financing program for Fuji DC Quick Chargers, teaming with Union Bank and Marlin Leasing on zero-down, zero-interest loans to encourage small businesses to install charging stations at their sites.

Fuji Electric DC Quick Charger in action by Evoasis at the Marriott Residences in San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

Fuji Electric DC Quick Charger in action by Evoasis at the Marriott Residences in San Juan Capistrano, Calif.

Fuji offers a 25-kilowatt UL-certified DC Quick Charging Station that can provide a complete charge to properly equipped EVs in less than an hour – “making it ideal,” the company says, “for commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and public highways/interstates.”

Fuji says it has more than 400 units deployed worldwide, entered the U.S. market in March 2012, “and immediately recognized the hesitation among businesses to invest in this technology.”

Easy-Term Loans to Ease Customer Concerns

“Whether we are working with a large hotel chain or a single-owner convenience store, their questions are quite similar,” Fuji Electric EV systems GM Larry Butkovich said in a release.

Fuji Electric DC Quick Charger for 2013

Fuji Electric DC Quick Charger for 2013

“A ‘zero-down, zero-interest’ financing program eases their concerns about upfront cash outlays and long-term interest payments on capital equipment.”

The Fuji financing initiative is designed to offer quick turnaround on application reviews to avoid project delays. Customers are assigned a single point of contact within Fuji Electric and Marlin Leasing in order to streamline the process and ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience.

‘Change the Way People Think’

“We firmly believe that the development of charging infrastructure in the U.S., particularly publicly available quick charging, is a critical factor in the mass adoption of EVs,” Butkovich said.

“Drivers need reassurance that they will be able to access charging stations while on the road, and our financing program gives businesses the assistance they need to make a business case for the installation of these Quick Charging Stations,” Butkovich said.

“Partnering with well-established companies like Union Bank and Marlin Leasing is a testament to our belief in providing quality products and services that will revolutionize the EV industry and change the way people think about this market,” said Fuji Electric president and CEO Phil Charatz.

Fuji Electric DC Quick Charge customers include Southern California’s Evoasis, which is installing the units at sites including Marriott Residences hotels, and is gearing up a new EV car-share program for Marriott guests. Stay Tuned!

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Source Fuji Electric with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


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