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Cobus as KDS and Hence UQM Outlet

May 31, 2014 in Electric Drive, EVs by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Battery Vehicle ‘Is Now Ready for the Market,’ Says Developer

Portugal’s Efacec Electric Mobility has developed an all-battery bus now employing an innovative transmission from Vancouver’s Kinetics Drive Solutions – a product that itself depends on motors and controllers from Colorado’s UQM Technologies.

Grupo Salvador Caetano's 2500 EL battery electric bus

Grupo Salvador Caetano’s 2500 EL battery electric bus

“The Cobus is now ready for the market,” says Pedro Silva, managing director of the director of the Electric Mobility Business Unit at Efacec Electric Mobility.

The vehicle is being developed with Grupo Salvador Caetano, also of Porto, Portugal.

A key component is the NexDrive EV3-850 intelligent 3-speed dual clutch transmission from Kinetics Drive Solutions (KDS; F&F, May 27). The Kinetic product incorporates UQM’s Power Phase motors and controllers.

Asia Market Access

Reports from China indicate that Grupo Salvador Caetano is marketing the bus there via the joint venture Brilliance Caetano with the special vehicles division of Brilliance Auto.

Caetano 2500 EL Cobus

Caetano 2500 EL Cobus

Separately, UQM president and CEO Eric Ridenour pointed out to analysts this past week that Kinetics Drive Solutions is a subsidiary of ST Engineering. ST Engineering is a $5.3 billion company, based in Singapore.

“KDS and UQM have working together to optimize KDS multi-speed transmission to work with our PowerPhase HD line-up of products,” Ridenour said. “This gives both partners the ability to offer their customers and optimize full power and system solutions proven to work well together, reduce the time to market and lower development costs.”

‘Customer Lift’

“Both partners,” Ridenour said, “should benefit by tapping into each other’s customer bases and developing joint marketing activity in customer lift which will expand each partner’s marketing reach.”

Ridenour cited a KDS agreement with Woxin Power in China entailing China-based production of the Power Phase-utilizing transmissions, and noted, “this arrangement is non-exclusive which will allow UQM to continue to sell standalone electric propulsion system to those customers who do not need the transmission solution.”

Efacec manufactures all manner of power electronics, including DC fast chargers for electric vehicles. The firm reported ETL certification of its SAE Combo-connected high-power unit this past summer (F&F, August 30). The Cobus in Europe is expected to employ a Chademo connector.

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Source: Efacec Portugal with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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