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EDTA Sees Robust Electric Drive Market

September 9, 2014 in Electric Drive, EVs, Hybrids by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

‘Confirmation of the Development of the Electric Drive Market’
As Sales of Plug-In Electric Vehicles Are Up by Better Than 30%

The U.S. market for electric vehicles continues to grow at a “robust” rate, says the Electric Drive Transportation Association, which has released its August sales summary.

Tesla Model S sedans charging outside the manufacturer's factory in Fremont, Calif. last week

Tesla Model S sedans charging outside the manufacturer’s factory in Fremont, Calif. last week

Automakers sold 48,208 hybrid vehicles during month, the second highest month for hybrids in 2014. Meanwhile, 12,403 plug-in vehicles were sold, EDTA reports. Of that number, 5,920 were plug-in hybrids and 6,483 were battery EVs. The total number of plug-in vehicles sold in August was just 50 vehicles shy of the record set in May of this year, the association says in its August sales release.

“Last month’s electric drive sales are a continuing confirmation of the development of the electric drive market, which is strong and growing,” EDTA president Brian Wynne says in the sales summary. “Consumers want choice and they are embracing the driving experience offered by the ever-increasing variety of electrified powertrains,” he said.

‘Real Alternatives to the Monopoly Fuel Are Here’

The trend is up, says EDTA.

The trend is up, says EDTA.

The cumulative number of plug-in vehicles sold thru 2014 is 78,809, which is a 32% increase over the same period last year, EDTA says. In a year-over-year comparison, 115,659 plug-in vehicles were sold from September 2013 thru August 2014 – a 33% increase from the 87,119 plug-in vehicles sold from September 2012 thru August 2013.

“The market for electric drive vehicles is expanding along with automakers’ commitment to electrification, consumer awareness and the number of electrified vehicle choices,” Wynne said.

“Real alternatives to the monopoly fuel are here, working towards American energy independence, economic growth and environmental sustainability.”

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Source: EDTA with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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