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All-Battery from Volvo’s Nova Bus

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TM4 Driveline and a Fast-Charge System from Siemens

Volvo’s Canada-based Nova Bus unit is promoting a fully battery-electric “Electro Mobility solution” transit bus at APTA Expo in Houston. The developmental bus has a Sumo HD driveline from TM4 (which is also Quebec-based) and a high-power, overhead inverted pantograph fast-charge system developed with Siemens.

Volvo’s Nova Bus unit unveiled this 100% battery electric bus at APTA Expo 2014 in Houston Monday.

Volvo’s Nova Bus unit unveiled this 100% battery electric bus at APTA Expo 2014 in Houston Monday.

“This mobility solution offers an automatic and flexible solution adapted to the needs of North American transit authorities and drivers,” states a release.

The Siemens charging system “minimizes the weight and maximizes the loading capacity by removing the all charging element from the bus and optimizing the number of batteries,” Nova Bus says.

Demonstrations in 2016

“This collaboration will enable our companies to deliver complete electrified bus solutions to cities and improve urban mobility in North America, with electric buses that move freely around the city and recharge in less than six minutes at end-of-line charging stations,” Nova Bus president Jean-Pierre Baracat said in a release.

“Our Electro Mobility solution offers a complete answer to several economic, social and environmental issues in cities,” he said.

Demonstration projects are to begin in 2016 “in partner cities across the continent.”

TM4 offers several Sumo HD models, with different torque ratings depending on duty cycle – especially hills. The TM4 drives “can be tailored to the topography depending on the customer,” says sales and marketing director Eric Azeroual.

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Source: Nova Bus with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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