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‘Freedom Fleet’ of Indianapolis EVs

October 28, 2014 in Electric Drive, EVs, Fleet Order by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Mayor Pledges Largest Municipal Fleet of Electrified Vehicles,
Vision’s ‘Clean Miles Solution’ Said to Reduce Operational Risk

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard today pledged to deploy the nation’s largest fleet of electrified vehicles by early 2016. “Through the initiative with Vision Fleet,” states a release, “the City will upgrade 425 non-police pursuit sedans to plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles, cut the size of the fleet by 100 vehicles, and save $8.7 million over ten years.”

The 'Freedon Fleet' program has already seen deployment of 14 Chevy Volts, says Vision Fleet.

The ‘Freedon Fleet’ program has already seen deployment of 14 Chevy Volts, says Vision Fleet.

Los Angeles-based Vision Fleet brings a finance package called “Clean Miles Solution.” The firm describes “a total-cost-of-ownership approach that bundles together and guarantees all the expenses of purchasing, operating and fueling an alternative fuel vehicle.

“By strategically selecting optimal vehicle uses and effectively managing driving efficiency, costs are lower than traditional gasoline vehicles,” Vision says. “Fleet managers no longer need to struggle to get approval for the higher upfront EV capital costs, or manage volatility in maintenance costs and fuel costs.”

Finance and Fleet Management

The city lauds “an innovative financing structure that bundles together all the expenses of purchasing, fueling, and maintaining the electric vehicles into a guaranteed rate that is lower cost than Indianapolis’ gasoline sedans.”

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard.

“In Indianapolis, we have already deployed 16 electrified vehicles and each is saving over 50 gallons of gasoline per month versus the old vehicles,” Vision COO Josh Lake said in a release last week.

As of today, the tally is 14 Chevy Volt and two Nissan Leaf cars, plus five Ford Fusion Energi hybrids, says Vision VP Will St. Clair.

‘We Expect It to Transform the Market’

Vision offers “by an innovative contract never before used in the fleet market,” he told F&F. “We expect it to transform the market for EVs in fleets,” he says.

In addition to financing, Vision’s Clean Miles Solution includes a proprietary telematics and analytics platform dubbed Vision Fleet iQ, and hands-on operational support called Vision Fleet Assist.

Vision Fleet iQ provides on-board telematics and uses behavioral science to deliver tailored driving suggestions to drivers. It also supports “fleet right-sizing” through car-sharing technology, and facilitates reimbursement for at-home charging of take-home vehicles.

EVs for Everyone, Out with the Cartels

Vision Fleet Assist helps fleet managers get the most out of EVs, combining an operations toolkit with extensive hands-on support – “helping to identify the optimal vehicles for replacement, procure vehicles, train drivers, and continuously improve fleet performance over time.

“This enables any fleet to smoothly deploy electric vehicles,” Vision says, “even if the fleet has no past AFV experience or if existing fleet personnel are stretched thin.”

“This is a landmark step in revitalizing our aging fleet and replacing expensive internal combustion engine vehicles with cutting-edge EV technology, all while reducing our dependence on oil and saving Indianapolis taxpayers thousands in fuel costs each year,” Mayor Ballard said in the city’s Freedom Fleet announcement.

“America’s dependence on oil ties our national and economic security to a highly-unpredictable, cartel-influenced global oil market,” he said. “Diversifying the types of vehicles and fuels available to our drivers offers our city protection from often-volatile oil prices and better prepares us for the future.”

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Source: Vision Fleet with Fleets & Fuels follow-up


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