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Eaton Hyper Charger Earns ETL Approval

February 19, 2015 in certifications, EVs, Infrastructure by Rich Piellisch  |  No Comments

Device to ‘Help Set the Stage for Mass Adoption of EVs in North America’

Eaton is spreading the word that its powerful DC “Hyper Charger” has earned safety certification from Intertek-ETL in the U.S., and is one of the first of its size to be so recognized. The device is scalable from 250 kilowatts to one megawatt, and as such is suitable for charging heavy all-battery vehicles, like transit buses.

Foothill operates 100% battery electric Proterra Ecoliner buses on the 17-mile Line 291 route – the first in the nation to run on batteries alone. Note overhead fast-charge unit.

Powerful Eaton charging equipment made it possible for Southern California’s Foothill Transit to claim the first-ever all-electric bus route (F&F, September 23, 2014).

Eaton chargers are supporting in-route charging strategies like that espoused by Proterra, which has installations in more than half a dozen U.S. cities and is shifting production from 35- to 40-foot all-electric buses (F&F, August 21).

The DC hyper charger is ETL-certified, meeting Underwriters Laboratories/UL standards 2202 and 2231, Eaton says.

Eaton has received Intertek-ETL safety certification for its up-to-one-megawatt DC Hyper Charger for electric vehicles.

Eaton has received Intertek-ETL safety certification for its up-to-one-megawatt DC Hyper Charger for electric vehicles.

Consumer Standards Applied to Heavier Unit

“Our years of experience in developing electrical and hybrid power systems for trucks and buses helped us apply existing standards for consumer plug-in chargers to this larger and very different device,” Eaton electric transportation infrastructure product line manager Jon Beaver said in a release.

“Pursuing these industry-recognized safety certifications for the electric vehicle hyper charger demonstrates Eaton’s dedication to providing safe, innovative and effective charging solutions that help set the stage for mass adoption of EVs in North America,” he said.

Because there was no existing standard for a charger of this size, Eaton engineers collaborated with Intertek specifically to make testing for the DC hyper charger a reality, the manufacturer says.

Not Only Buses for Eaton

“As an en route charger designed to provide fleets of all sizes, including mass transit vehicles, with reliable and efficient off-board charging, the DC hyper charger makes it more practical for governments and companies to meet evolving transportation needs in a sustainable way,” Eaton says. The DC hyper charger “has allowed buses to travel over 600,000 miles to date.”

Separately, Eaton is supplying chargers for 18 all-battery Amp delivery trucks to be deployed later this year with UPS in Houston (F&F, December 15).

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Source: Eaton with Fleets & Fuels follow-up

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